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Crime, Drama, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Sidney Lumet
Martin Balsam as Juror #12
John Fiedler as Juror #12
Lee J. Cobb as Juror #12
E.G. Marshall as Juror #12
Jack Klugman as Juror #12
Edward Binns as Juror #12
Jack Warden as Juror #12
Henry Fonda as Juror #12
Joseph Sweeney as Juror #12
Ed Begley as Juror #12
George Voskovec as Juror #12
Robert Webber as Juror #12
Storyline: The defense and the prosecution have rested and the jury is filing into the jury room to decide if a young man is guilty or innocent of murdering his father. What begins as an open-and-shut case of murder soon becomes a detective story that presents a succession of clues creating doubt, and a mini-drama of each of the jurors' prejudices and preconceptions about the trial, the accused, and each other. Based on the play, all of the action takes place on the stage of the jury room.
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"You don't really mean you'll kill me, do you?"
A pure, simple, undeniable classic. This movie is a thoughtful, well shot, amazingly scripted, fantastically acted masterpiece. Even though the word masterpiece is often over-used (like genius) it certainly, and without dispute applies in this case. Sidney Lumet's directing is top-notch, and Henry Fonda is the still turning point of this small, microcosmic little world - his role has to be one of the most finely acted ever committed to film.

Set in an actual New York jury room, it's a claustrophobic, tightly confined set, where 12 very different men deliberate over the guilt of a young boy. Their prejudices, morals and personalities are thrown together and, sometimes violently, clash. Along with a great parallel commentary from the weather (at the beginning of the film, it's a stuffy, oppressive sweatbox, which becomes sidelined by a dark, stormy maelstrom outside the jury room) this is a fantastic film. You'd never think there were so many angles you could get from one single, uncomfortably confining room. Sidney Lumet's directing is amazing, as Fonda's chain-smkoing, softly spoken moralistic character could have been played so much darker; he manages to turn everyone around, slowly but surely, almost effortlessly converting even the most staunchly opposed and stoic juror - but he's not manipulative, sly or underhanded about it. He simply presents what is - he's the pure voice of reason, and he has some cracking lines. The other jurors are great, too. I'm sure we all know someone who fidgets through something important because they've got a football game starting in ten minutes - they all highlight broad generalisations of very human characters. I defy anyone not to find a character that illustrates someone they know in this motley crue. Except maybe Fonda - I don't know anyone cooler than this guy.
An absolute must for anyone who considers themselves a film buff
This is one of the greatest films ever made...period. Much of this can be attributed to the exceptional writing and much of this can be attributed to the amazing performances in one of the best ensemble casts in film history. In fact, anyone who considers themselves a film buff or a serious student of film cannot say so unless they have seen this film. I also wish all young directors and writers were forced to watch the film as it demonstrates the power of excellent writing and acting. Imagine...a film that is great that does NOT have special effects, was filmed in black and white, and 99% of which takes place in one small room.

Aside from Henry Fonda, all the other actors are a virtual "who's who" of supporting character actors from the 1950s--and all were at the top of their game in this film. Unfortunately, the film has been parodied and copied so many times that the film's originality has been blunted. Oddly, one of the parodies of this plot came from the TV show "The Odd Couple"--which starred Jack Klugman who was ALSO in 12 ANGRY MEN! See this film. And, if it turns out you don't like it, then I suggest you see a psychiatrist!!!
Great movie
I remember seeing 12 Angry Men about 10 years ago and really enjoyed it, but I watched it a bit closer last week, and realize what a great movie it really is. I love the movies of the 40's and 50's and I would have to say that 12 Angry Men is up there as one of the best 5 movies of that era for me. There are some many things happening in this movie, that it takes more than one viewing to pick it all up. The camera work is first class, starting off with full view of all 12 jurors, and as the movie progresses and the jurors re-asses their decisions, the camera show the jurors looking straight down the lens, giving the impression they are talking straight to the audience. No names are given till the very end of the movie and then it is only 2 jurors, apart from a quick scene in the courtroom and outside at the end, the rest of the movie is filmed in the jurors room on a hot stinky summers days.

Although not a long movie, the emotional turmoil felt by the jurors is explosive and the audience are drawn into the same gut wrenching feel. I highly recommend this movie.
A timeless film that shows the flaws in the jury system
... the main flaw being that everybody brings their own life experiences and history into the jury room with them, no matter how hard they try to be impartial.

Here you have a trial of a young boy who supposedly stabbed his father to death. When the jurors go back to deliberate on the case, ALL but one lone man played with a quiet courage by Henry Fonda states not guilty and the rest of the film is about trying to get them to his side. Quite amazing movie if you ask me. Fonda's case is not that the boy is innocent, but that the threshold of reasonable doubt has not been reached. The trick in this film is that it never leaves the jury room. You have no idea of what the defendant, the prosecuting attorney, or the defense attorney were like other than retroactively through the words of the jurors.

Writing this good just can't be ignored. Reginald Rose's screenplay is absolutely brilliant. Not only are the characters of twelve individuals indelibly implanted in your brain within the limited time span of about 100 minutes, but Rose accomplishes this feat without undue speechifying or pontificating about injustice or the failures of the jury system or expositional dialogue. The characters personalities come out in the course of the film and are not "set up" in the first half hour, (as in having the jurors explain to each other what their occupations and backgrounds are) as is the case with mediocre screenplays. As for the acting it is true ensemble greatness. All twelve cast members are excellent, although if you put a gun to my head and forced me to say who was best I'd express a partiality for Lee J Cobb as the toughest nut to crack for acquittal and E.G. Marshall as a juror who is all logic and no emotion other than arrogance. And Sidney Lumet's first film just may be his most fast paced. The hundred minutes whiz by! Not a dull stretch to be seen anywhere.

And yes, these are twelve white men judging a Puerto Rican boy, and yes Henry Fonda violated many classic rules of jury behavior when he introduced items into the discussion that were not official evidence, but this was 60 years ago and it IS a movie. So just suspend your beliefs and try to enjoy the art of the thing -the riveting dialogue, the character studies that don't choke each other out, and the brilliant camera-work that manages to make the room seem increasingly smaller so that you can appreciate the claustrophobia that must be setting in with the jurors as deliberations wear on and get more heated.
Captivates even after half a century
Crime and hatred are like continental boundaries, always hot and ever rocking the earth beneath our feet. We often lose moral balance and clutch to a stereotype just to keep our ground. But a single person's calm perspective and will for justice now and then help us to rise above our own prejudice. This movie is a bridge across an eternal boundary; has flaws, no doubt, like any bridge, but stands magnificently for 50 years and brings together people of all kinds. This bridge offers a view on the problems of society and a place for discussion.

This movie deserves its place among the greatest.
12 Angry Men: A Classic Work of Genius
12 Angry Men is a 1957 American drama film with elements of film noir, adapted from a teleplay of the same name by Reginald Rose. Written and co-produced by Rose himself and directed by Sidney Lumet, this trial film tells the story of a jury made up of 12 men as they deliberate the guilt or acquittal of a defendant on the basis of reasonable doubt. In the United States, a verdict in most criminal trials by jury must be unanimous. The film is notable for its almost exclusive use of one set: with the exception of the film's opening, which begins outside on the steps of the courthouse followed by the judge's final instructions to the jury before retiring, two short scenes in an adjoining washroom, and a brief final scene on the courthouse steps, the entire film takes place in the jury room. The total time spent outside the jury room is three minutes out of the full 96 minutes of the film.

12 Angry Men explores many techniques of consensus-building, and the difficulties encountered in the process, among a group of men whose range of personalities adds intensity and conflict. No names are used in the film: the jury members are identified by number until two of them exchange names at the very end, the defendant is referred to as "the boy", and the witnesses as "the old man" and "the lady across the street".

In 2007, 12 Angry Men was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" and is often seen as one of the greatest films ever made.
Definitely Deserves the Praise
This film is nothing short of perfection. I don't want to do a huge review so I'll sum up why it's so brilliant.

Great actors Great believable script Very original concept Shot cleverly (lack of close ups unless it's really necessary. Because the effect isn't used much, it is more effective) No complaints or plot holes of any kind.

I encourage anyone to watch this film!
Unsurpassed Character Study & Very Good Drama
The unsurpassed character studies of the "12 Angry Men" would almost make a movie worth seeing even if it had little else to offer. This is also a very good drama that uses everything it has to good advantage. The cast and director Sidney Lumet all do a fine job of sketching each character efficiently and memorably. Every character is important, and almost every line serves a purpose.

One interesting thing about the story is that the trial per se is almost not even particularly important. The jury setting is really just a stylized way of high-lighting many aspects of human nature and human interaction, and in particular, the varied ways that different persons respond in situations where their options are limited. The characters have a wide and well-chosen diversity of personalities and opinions, and each one's temperament and attitudes are developed as things proceed.

In performing this kind of material, it's important for the actors not to overdo it, or else the believability suffers. It's also a challenge to keep things interesting when the settings and props are so limited. But everything works very well here, and it is a credit to everyone involved.
Excellent !

"Twelve Angry Men" is the perfect demonstration that when you have a good script, an intelligent director an a well selected cast a film doesn't have to be expensive or spectacular to be a real good one. This film is all about dialogues and acting and is set 95% in a small room yet its most entertaining and has a lot of tension.

When I said it had a well selected cast I didn't mean an all star cast; Henry Fonda was the only major star; Lee Cobb, Ed Begley, Martin Balsam and E.G. Marshall where very talented supporting actors but not stars; Jack Warden and Jack Klugman weren't even known much in films yet. But a simple direction by Sidney Lumet leaving the development to the script and actors performances worked well and the film is tense, intriguing and most entertaining from beginning to end.

"Twelve Angry Men" is a "trail film" but with a very original focusing since by following the jury's debate the whole case is clearly revealed up to the verdict. It's also interesting that the verdict is not based in a not guilty conviction by the jurors but for the benefit of the doubt, which means that perhaps the boy actually killed his father.

One of the best movies I've ever seen in its genre.
Theatre of justice
There are some films that are acknowledged classics of one degree or another. Whether it be a technical aspect such as cinematography or something less tangible such as emotional content or a gripping narrative, some stand out. 'Twelve Angry Men' is one such film, mostly noted for the amazing acting performances from a large cast in one room. They have few props and one main set. The stage for twelve actors to show their stuff. And show it they do.

This film works as a pure stage play on the screen. All twelve actors step up to the plate. The writing is immaculate making the complex inter-relationships between the twelve work believably and never letting the pace slacken. It's tense and taut. The points being made aren't always subtle, but they're never hammered home. Keeping twelve characters involved in a story while keeping it moving along is a tough task for a writer. All of them want to have their say so you don't forget them, all of them have to show what their character is, yet none of them must be allowed to dominate. Reginald Rose deserves immense plaudits for what he achieved here.

There is a political message here. To some it may be obvious, to others it may be unpalatable. You may call it propaganda, yet unlike a lot of more modern propagandists, this doesn't solely preach to the converted. This is one to think on for everyone. It's important that even at the end, the viewer doesn't know what really happened the night of the crime. Did they save an innocent from the chair or did they let a killer walk free? It asks questions, says where its loyalties lie but doesn't claim that the issues are black and white. A truly unusual standpoint and one I would welcome more of in film.

Perhaps one of the notable aspects that isn't much commented on about 'Twelve Angry Men' is the oddly un-filmic qualities it has. As previously mentioned it moves like a stageplay rather than screenplay. The look is reminiscent of a TV production including the sans-serif credits underneath the actors faces, and the simple studio set. This hasn't prevented its strengths propelling it into a slot as one of the best and best loved movies of all time.
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