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USA, UK, Dominican Republic
Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Horror
IMDB rating:
Johannes Roberts
Matthew Modine as Taylor
Santiago Segura as Benjamin
Claire Holt as Kate
Yani Gellman as Louis
Mandy Moore as Lisa
Storyline: Two sisters are exploring the deep blue sea until something goes wrong. As they submerge 47m they encounter a creature that only wants flesh and blood. As they fight their way back to the top, they shortly run out of oxygen. With only an hour left they're not only racing against time they are racing against life and death.
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36 reasons not to watch this movie
1. Mandy Moore 2. How dare you compare your movie to Jaws in your commercials 3. Straight disaster movie 4. No character development 5. No suspense 6. This movie should've been on Nat Geo during shark week 7. Who goes scuba diving with sharks and no experience? 8. Low budget 9. Rarely do you see the shark 10. 2 women trapped underwater for most of the movie - snore 11. You could clean your bathroom instead of watching this movie 12. Basic cinematography 13. Actors given little to no direction 14. Here's 1 for watching the movie - Watch it to see 4 guys trick 2 girls into scuba diving with sharks and put them in grave danger 15. The underwater scenes are so dark you can barely see 16. The movie was made in a studio water tank 17. How did they spend 5 million on this movie? It must have been Mandy Moore's salary 18. I could make this movie on my computer in 1 day with a six pack of beer 19. The camera that she took underwater and dropped - why didn't she use the wristband? 20. 2 music montages in the first 15 mins with dance club music obviously aimed at the 20 something viewer 21. Soundtrack is awful. I suggest the director watch some Tarantino to see what a real movie soundtrack is like 22. The viewer is never given the chance to care about the characters - no back story at all 23. You will root for the characters to be eaten by a shark 24. Why would someone who is having trouble breathing - go scuba diving? It's ridiculous 25. Opening scene rips off Jaws with Jaws like music 26. Watch the movie in fast forward and it goes like this. They're in the cage. They're out of the cage. They're in the cage again. They're out of the cage again. One of them is trapped under the cage. People die. Roll credits 27. Cookie cutter script 28. This movie has 3 sets. An opening scene on a patio. Then a scene on the boat. Then the rest of the movie is underwater with poor visibility. 29. Shark tank wire mysteriously breaks 30. On screen texting. This is the lowest form of story telling. It's worse than 100% narration. 31. Oh man why did I say I was gonna do 47 of these? 32. Nearly 1 1/2 hours of listening to people breath in scuba gear and cry 33. How many times did they make noise by banging on things and they just kept attracting the shark 34. I'm not sure how many times the winch broke but more than once was idiotic. Find another plot device please 35. The men in the movie never once panic. They should be in panic mode. They put the women in this spot! 36. I turned the movie off 3 times and had to force myself to finish it
Absolutely Terrible Movie
I took my whole family to see this movie and it is right up there with the worst movies I have ever seen. Mandy Moore has to be one of the worst actresses I have seen...and this performance was not redeeming at all. The story line is nothing less than insulting, the "action" scenes were unbelievably unbelievable and the ending left my whole family looking at each other for something we must have missed. If your local theater is paying YOU to come see this movie...and enticing you with unlimited free popcorn for life, I would still hesitate and think twice as this is a few hours of your life that could be better used bathing in hot sauce.
While it's more than just a thriller about two sisters vacationing in Mexico, trapped in a shark cage and the thrills and chills, but still...
Two sisters in Lisa and Kate, played by Mandy Moore and Claire Holt, are vacationing in Mexico. Lisa has recently come off of a breakup, but still has feelings for her ex, Stewart, who broke things off because he found Lisa boring.

What better way to make Stewart jealous? By cage diving in a shark- infested ocean while taking pics of the expedition, of course! Despite Lisa's reluctance and rightful unease, she agrees to do it. After a few calm and fun minutes, the cage breaks away from its rope, sending the sisters spiralling down to the ocean floor. Now, 47 Meters Down with limited radio contact, air supply, and numerous hidden sharks, Lisa and Kate must do whatever's possible to stay alive and return to the surface.

After the success of The Shallows, it appears that we could possibly be entering a phase in which shark movies are coming back to the big screen during the summer months. Enter 47 Meters Down, a movie that was supposed to go straight-to-DVD last August from Dimension Films, yet was purchased and saved for wide release this summer by Entertainment Studios films due to the success of that Blake Lively vehicle. While there's baseline genre thrills, 47 Meters Down takes only an average bite in delivering a harrowing tale.

47 Meters Down's main problems start with the script, penned by director Johannes Roberts. Particularly the first 10-15 minutes, which set up why the two females feel compelled to do what is ultimately their undoing. The reason, stated before in the first paragraph, is extremely shallow and stupid, considering that we as the audience never see the ex-boyfriend Lisa is referring to. He only exists in a response to a text sent from Lisa when she tells him how much fun Mexico is and how much better it would be if he were there. His paraphrased text? "That's really cool … I'm moving out my stuff tonight." He's totally worth trying to win back.

The few efforts to flesh out the two lead roles do not work, be it via early movie cringe dialogue, or mid-movie "sister-talk." Mandy Moore and Claire Holt do their best – they're not insufferable and they're good at screaming and hyperventilating (Moore, especially) – but with lazy writing, neither is charismatic or talented enough to overcome script deficiencies and make audience truly care for their characters here. Every other person in 47 Meters Down is disposable or inconsequential, aside from Matthew Modine who exists to deliver status updates and key information via radio.

47 Meters Down can't completely be dismissed, however, because it mostly gets the things right in a shark movie that audiences come to see. While not quite up to the technical quality of better Great White features, Roberts directs most moments and shark attacks with skill, and the addition of rapidly declining oxygen tanks adds some tension. The sharks look very believable, and many different types of shots are used to convey the disorienting and dark depths of the ocean. Most shark movies don't go as "deep" as 47 does, so that in itself is sort of unique. Although predictable when it is first brought up, there's a cool final act "twist" that gives some life to the film. Unfortunately, 47 ends flat, with no aftermath follow-up of what comprised most of the run-time.
Awesome Experience
I am gonna start my review by advising you guys out there to NOT get discouraged by bad reviews. The movie is brilliantly made, the characters and their decisions are fairly believable and the atmosphere is literally breathtaking, i suffer from claustrophobia since an early age, and very few movies accomplish to give me that sense of desperation, so far only one movie had done that, the Descent, this one, although they are in deep sea water has accomplished it masterfully. I was in the edge of my seat the whole movie, wondering what i would do in their own situation, and the whole experience was so god damn suffocating just to watch, that i know, i would have probably died after five minutes...hihihi

For those comparing this with the shallows, i have read many conflicting reviews, i have watched both movies, and although i loved the shallows, i have to say this movie is BY FAR a much more terrifying experience, one and a half hours, with practically 2 actresses on screen, seemed both fast, in the sense you barely notice it, it NEVER gets boring, or slows down the incredibly suffocating pace, and unbelievably slow, because you want to see an end to it, and it just seem their ordeal is a never ending one.

Lastly, i have seen many reviews complaining about the lack of gore, to be quite frank, it would have devalued the whole experience, the tension is so unbearable after a while, that this is just secondary, it got me edgy, scared, unsettled, and tense throughout the whole movie. I am an avid horror fan, i love gore, but in this particular gem of a movie, this is really a secondary, i would even go further to say a tertiary issue. Irrelevant.

Try it for yourselves and feel free to judge my review, any way you want, i tried to give an unbiased and as honest an opinion as i could give. The movie is seriously underrated, and deserves people to judge it for what it is, a thriller, that accomplishes such an high sense of impotence and tension that you do not get with most movies of the genre these days. Brilliant.
It was a scam
So, I would consider myself a movie lover and I like to watch some classic thrillers. I saw the trailer for this film and thought it had some tremendous potential with a unique perspective from under the water,but don't listen to all of those other reviews. Boy, I could not have been more wrong. SPOILER ALERT (even though this movie blew and you should not watch it)-It starts out with some god awful acting that I could not believe would be associated with a Hollywood professional film project. Immediately, the characters started jinxing the outcome by saying this like "We'll be fine, this is going to be so much fun" repeatedly. Then multiple things went wrong as a person with a low IQ could have guessed, and they repeatedly attempted to make runs to the surface with no success. They get to a point when they run really low on oxygen and one of these idiots gets her leg stuck under the cage and of course all of the sudden after almost getting killed by sharks she can randomly just get her leg unstuck. Well, surprisingly her friend that left her is miraculously alive and somehow with many injuries get themselves to the surface. They get rescued with some missing limbs. BUT NOPE this was all a dream, one of the girls had the bens so bad that she was tripping hard. She gets rescued by the coast guard eventually while her friend is dead, actually wait, we don't really know because the movie suddenly ended on their way back up to the surface. Terrible movie -7/10 for me.
Much better than expected.
Another shark movie, so don't expect anything else than it being sharks attacking people. If you don't like that kind of movies then just skip this one because that's what you are going to get. I do like those kind of movies but sometimes they are just not good. But this one is actual not bad at all. Certainly better than The Shallows. My wife was not impressed though so I guess you will get pros and contras with In The Deep. I didn't expect much of the story because it's basically always the same but not being a great fan of deep oceans in real life this movie gave me anxiety. And that is what I like when watching a shark movie. The whole movie I had this feeling it was going wrong, and I can't help it to imagine myself in that situation. There is no way I would be up to for this kind of expedition and certainly not in Mexico. The acting wasn't bad. You don't have much actors but that is kind of obvious because of the story. Anyways if you're creeped out by diving in deep waters and you are looking for a thrill then this movie is the right movie to watch.
Terribly boring.
This film is pretty much just two girls floating in a cage under water. That's it. Sharks appear once or twice very briefly.

I could have just drawn some bars in marker pen on the door of my shower and filmed myself sitting inside for 90 minutes. It would have been exactly the same movie.

Don't waste your time. Watch 'The Shallows' instead.
47 Meters Great
This film is about two sisters who simply want to make up, reunite, and have fun. They meet some local Mexico guys at a club, and then they sort of fall in love with the guys. The guys actually dare them to go scuba diving in the famous Mexican ocean waters. The next time we see them, we're on a boat with them, and they are preparing to go deep underwater inside a cage. They dive in, but the cage dives deep underwater. Unfortunately for the girls, the rope breaks, and this sends them plunging to the deepest parts of the sea (47 Meters Down). They fight to swim back up, but it is too risky because of the imminent and voracious sharks surrounding them.

This is when we see the close sisters protect each other to make it out of the water alive. Their air tanks are running out. They need extra air tanks, and thankfully they obtain extra tanks, and are able to swim back up. Interesting though, because the nitrous oxygen made for Lisa to begin hallucinating, because of nitrous overdose. So is Lisa really back on the boat, or is she still stuck inside the cage? See for yourself, and watch 47 Meters Down.
This is more of a comedy than a scary movie
It is really more of a comedy than a scary movie, even if you are a beginner diver like me...

Fun scene 1: There are so many sharks and sharks are just very hungry and decide to eat the only 2 or 3 humans with tanks instead of other fishes or easier targets.

Fun scene 2: "The shark bit my BCD so I'm running out of air"

Fun scene 3: "I intentionally don't send you an extra tank earlier so you don't get narcoses"

Fun scene 4: "Let me ask the girls to stay in the cage because it is safer, but let me go down and bring them up with the same gear, 0 protection"

Countless funny scenes XD

I seldom write a review, but this one really worths it!
That is like the biggest shark
Two sisters vacation in Mexico, do the shark cage thing and get trapped in the cage at 37 meters with issues being sharks, air, and nitrogen bubbles. Kate (Claire Holt) has been everywhere and done everything and Lisa just broke up with her boyfriend. He said she was boring. I know the title is 47 meters, but their depth meter read 37 meters.

The characters proved to be shallow and a film shot mostly in and around a shark cage didn't make things exciting after the first few minutes. I did like the last few minutes, but they needed to generate something before that...like maybe have the girls shower? And what was that seconding ending? Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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