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Drama, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family
IMDB rating:
Lasse Hallström
Brittany Robertson as Teen Hannah
Bryce Gheisar as Ethan - 8 Years Old
Juliet Rylance as Ethan's Mom
Logan Miller as Todd
Michael Bofshever as Grandpa Bill
Luke Kirby as Ethan's Dad
Peggy Lipton as Adult Hannah
Josh Gad as Bailey / Buddy / Tino / Ellie (voice)
Dennis Quaid as Adult Ethan
Gabrielle Rose as Grandma Fran
John Ortiz as Carlos
Storyline: A dog looks to discover his purpose in life over the course of several lifetimes and owners.
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One of the greatest movies about the man's best friend!
This movie made me cry and my love for dogs has increased a million times. I don't understand why many gave average rating for this movie. I guess they did not own dogs. I loved this movie very much and recommend this heart warming movie. Dog's purpose is a splendid movie! I have 4 dogs at home and have raised many dogs before them. Many parts of the movie reminded me of what the dogs did to make me happy. There is no doubt that dog is the man's best friend.
Excellent movie!!
Contains spoilers Don't let the ridiculous claims that TMZ and PETA made, spoil this beautiful story for you!! Do your own research, and then go see this movie!! The book was a great story to start with, and story was translated perfectly through the movie! The scenery, the music, the acting, all wonderfully done! The little boy who plays Ethan, Bryce Gheisar, does a wonderful job portraying the love between a boy and his dog. You'll love the beautiful animal actors as well! You'll laugh, you'll cry, and then you'll laugh and cry some more. And don't worry, there's a happy ending. Take your tissues, and go enjoy this movie today!!
Bought my wife to tears
This was a truly wonderful heartfelt movie. We see the unrestrained love between Ethan and Bailey. Bailey, and his reincarnations go far deeper that I expected from this movie. Love without question, bravery, joy, great sadness. As an Englishman in the UK, we hadn't heard about the PETA boycott, and if it's about the K9 reincarnation, Ella, in the water, if there's one thing I know about dogs to be true, they won't do want they don't want to do. Boycotting a great movie like this had probably done more harm than good, because the more people that see this, will see how a dog can love unreservedly. All that PETA has done is sentence more strays not to be adopted. We have two rescue dog, both getting on a bit now, but we'll keep getting them and giving them a home because they become such wonderful members of the family pack.
A good movie if you are looking for something different.
This is a great movie. I know most people are put off from seeing the behind the scene clip of people forcing a dog into water, and that makes them hate this movie, but this website is not here to talk about what goes on behind the scenes, it is for the movie itself. This movie is on of the best movies I have watched. Everything about it is so different from all the other movies out there and I recommend you watch it.
A must see!
Very simply a must see for any dog lover. I laughed, I cried but most of all I enjoyed this movie more than any other animal film I have seen. The acting was superb and telling this story through Bailey's eyes was amazing. I'm not sure how the movie could get one bad rating. Very well thought out. Take the kids, it's a great movie for them to see. Dor adults who have had pets through their lives, bring Kleenex, you're going to use them.
Great Movie -- Especially for Dog Lovers!!!
I was planning to NOT see this movie just because of the horrible score on IMDb. . . I guess I should acknowledge that I don't know the basis for the score. Is it the result of critic ratings? IMDb user ratings? My two young daughters and my wife persuaded me to ignore the ratings and see the movie. It's fantastic!!! I'll qualify that statement by saying that I'm a dog lover, but I'll also say that many non-dog-lovers will find it OK. I'm still trying to understand why anyone would give the movie a lousy rating, because it was great stuff, and it covered a wide spectrum of dog situations, from well-loved, well cared-for dogs to working dogs, to neglected dogs. I'm a forty-eight year old man, and I needed consolation from my young daughters and wife during the movie because I cried like a little girl. Bring some tissues, and if you're a Dad or big macho man, prepare to suspend Man Card owner responsibilities. You're going to cry!
Awesome Movie
In this marvelous movie, people learn the true meaning of what a dog's purpose for life is while he/she is living under your care. The best part of the movie is how Bailey (the dog in the first half of the movie)is brought back to life with the same soul just in a different body. In other words, Bailey still is Bailey, it's just that he's a different breed, so he still remembers his owners during his first life and everything else he experienced after he's brought back to life. The other message viewers get is that animals are not always treated with the fairness and kindness that they deserve. Many people are violent with their animals, some don't feed their pets on a daily basis, and some are just plain unkind. This message is very prevalent when Bailey is reincarnated for the 3rd time, when his adopter wants to keep him as a house pet, but her husband wants no animals in their home, so Buddy (the name given to Bailey during his 3rd life) is tethered to a tree using a chain in the owner's backyard, and Buddy is tethered for a very long time. Finally, the man who refused to let Buddy live indoors put Buddy in the bed of his pickup truck and leaves him on the side of a road miles away from their home. That's when Buddy discovers that his first owners lived near where he was left, so Buddy finds their farm and he greets his first owner. The owner doesn't know who Buddy is, but later in the movie he discovers that Buddy is really a reincarnation of Bailey. All in all, a very touching movie with a very important message to all viewers. Highly recommended to anybody who likes dogs and would enjoy seeing a dog over his lifetime. Also, the scene where Bailey (in his 2nd life) is forced to go into the water is not enough to make the movie unenjoyable for viewers. It shouldn't affect your opinion of the movie.
It was an enjoyable 7.7 out of ten
I'm the biggest movie snob. I refuse to watch a movie that gets below a seven, but I made an exception for A Dog's Purpose as I read and enjoyed the book. And I was not disappointed.This movie was touching,enjoyable,funny and most importantly not cheesy.The fake reviews given by animal rights activist who didn't even watch the movie are total mischarecterizations of this well done film. It was not a ten stars(though I gave it that to help balance out all the fake reviews) but it was enjoyable and worth watching. For those of you who read the book and are afraid the movie will spoil the book the movie did Bruce Cameron's work justice. So please ignore the dismal overall rating and go and enjoy The Dog's Purpose.
Go see it!
Just saw A Dog's Purpose and feel worth a watch. Haven't had a dog and I haven't read its book. The story is well written. It brings you into different perspective and it makes you feel empathy toward the dog. It makes you feel curious, loving, sad, joyful, and protective.

There are some moments here and there that makes you giggle, but also some that's shocking.

overall, is a good move.
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