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Action, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Rob Pallatina
Stephen Brown as Benjamin Robbins (as Steve Brown)
Jude Williams as Child
Sarah Bartholomew as Airman 1
Kevin Duffin as Guard
Natalia Herrera as NASA Astrophycist
Mike Duff as Security Guard
Brandon George as Gas Station Attendant
Dennis Renard as Doran
Michael Marcel as Freddie
Britt George as General Wesley Augursin
Caroline Ivari as Emma Harper
Ana Zimhart as Sandrine
Cedric Jonathan as Ishiro Tsubaraya (as Cedric Jonathan)
Storyline: When reptilian aliens begin to take over the world, the remaining survivors must band together and fight back with newly developed fighter jets.
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Even by Asylum standards.......
Ordinarily I am amongst the first to defend Asylum films from the 'worst film ever made' brigade, citing their tiny budgets and tight schedules, however even I am struggling to make any sort of case for this effort.

For a start, the plot line requiring all the main characters to have some sort of disability seems a bit tenuous, to say the least. I can honestly say this is the only movie I've seen in which the primary protagonists are respectively in a wheelchair, on crutches, and have only one hand (or more accurately, has one very long sleeve). One can only wonder if the script-writers didn't also have a disability - word- blindness. The forced banality of the screenplay is exceeded only by the all around garbageness of the sfx. (I'm sure the cgi flying monsters were recycled from another Asylum movie.....Dragon Crusaders perhaps?) And don't get me started on the acting......

Sorry Asylum, but there's no excuse for this kind of dross - and that's coming from someone who thought Operation Dunkirk was a decent flick.

Must do better next time!
OMG! That was AWFUL! I'm a fan of alien movies but WOW!
What can I say but OMG, don't waste a minute of your life on this one. I would love to be behind this but wow, this was horrible to watch. Yes, I watched the whole thing. Shoot me now! The acting was a mess but I guess with that story line, it would be kind of hard for the best of them. How did they get the money to make this, I don't know. It could have been much better but the idea was and times it took to infuse it, was just crazy! Then like a "lifetime channel" movie, the ending cuts off fast and that's it folks. The credits starting rolling; which was the best part of the movie. Sorry but I just don't know what else to say. Enjoy at your own risk.
Avoid at all costs !
Omg. How awful this movie is. Well, first, you need to know it's another "The Asylum" production ; that means you can expect the worse.

The plot is nonsense : 3 meteorites crash on Earth, and are a kind of flying gargoyles. And, of course, they start to destroy everything as you can expect. So, as the movie is set in United States of America, the army just send two or three planes and a chopper to fight these monsters. That's amazing, isn't it ? Luckily, there is a chick working on a neural-link-plane that will save the day. By the way, we learn she was a fighter pilot too... And guess what ? Her father is an old fighter pilot too, and is working as a scientist right now. As scientist, he is handling meteorite's part without wearing protection gloves. Yup, best scientist ever.

The chick and her team ran to a Tucson base, and she's taking the lead of operations. Yeah, the commanding officer...well, he don't care about that, so no problem darling, you can be the boss.

Sure, you can watch this movie, but I've warned you that it's a pile of junk.
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