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Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Dave McCary
Mark Hamill as Ted Mitchum
Chris Provost as Prison Guard
Alexa Demie as Meredith
Kyle Mooney as James Pope
Beck Bennett as Detective Bander
Michaela Watkins as Louise Pope
Ryan Simpkins as Aubrey Pope
Matt Walsh as Greg Pope
Andy Samberg as Eric
Greg Kinnear as Detective Vogel
Claire Danes as Emily
Jane Adams as April Mitchum
Storyline: Brigsby Bear Adventures is a children's TV show produced for an audience of one: James. When the show abruptly ends, James's life changes forever, and he sets out to finish the story himself.
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In the end, it's our passion who defines us.
2017 has been quite great and it's looking really promising, but THIS, this is definitely one of its finest gems.

Brigsby Bear is a celebration of passion, and how amazing sharing that passion with other people truly is, finding that one person who understands your love for something. Personally, I related a lot with that aspect of the film.

However, there's this other side of this film: a really interesting psychological study on how the socialization process has a prominent role on a person's life, and how it determines one's identity. In my opinion, looking this particular film through that lens it is truly captivating despite its few inconsistencies.

Regarding plot and characters, this is very solid. The performances were mostly really good, the standouts being Kyle Mooney as James Pope and Mark Hamill in one of his best performances in years, both vocally and acting wise. And last but not least, this movie contains one of the most hilarious scene I've ever seen in a movie, seriously, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

As for flaws, Michaela Watkins's terrible performance, especially in some crucial emotional scenes, was quite distracting, and some questionable aspects regarding the main themes of the movie also detracted from the experience at times..

Overall, I loved this film and as I'm concerned, I got a great experience out of a movie that I didn't even know what to expect, and it was awesome. Truly recommend it.
A Film Lover's Dream
I know that tastes can't change overnight, but it's a shame that audiences can't gravitate more to movies like this. Films like this are very rare, due to the fact that they'll hardly ever snag a major release by a large studio. Not to compare the two, but last year's release of Swiss Army Man was so unique and weird that I ate it up, and I felt the exact same way about this year's Brigsby Bear, which could very well end up being my absolute favorite film of the year. Unique films are a breath of fresh air, but not all of them are great, because the stories themselves may not explore enough to truly warrant award recognition. Although Brigsby Bear won't be winning any major awards this season, here is why it's a wonderful piece of cinema in my eyes.

From first-time feature film writer Kyle Mooney and direct time feature film director Dave McCary, Brigsby Bear follows James Pope, a young man with a backstory that I can't reveal throughout this review, who has only ever seen one television show, called Brigsby Bear. When there aren't any more episodes coming out, he sets out on a mission with a few others to finish the show themselves. Becoming a filmmaker, gaining new friends, and learning many moving and comedic life lessons, this is a story worth showcasing to a very large audience. Unique, weird, and powerful all at once, this movie is elevated by a wonderfully sincere and comedic performance by Kyle Mooney as the lead.

It's very rare that a comedian can be simultaneously funny and dramatic at the same time, making it truly seem that this is a real-world scenario unfolding on-screen. Not only did this story feel authentic to me, but it touched me on a personal level in terms of how there would definitely be people like this if certain situations were to present themselves to the world. Mooney is an actor that I believe many people should keep an eye on. Sure, his YouTube career is where he started and he's most known for his role on Saturday Night Live, but he's one of those rare performers that I believe will break out and become very famous in years to come.

I truly believe that this is a flawless film for the story it's trying to convey. No film is perfect, but a film can be done perfectly when looked at a certain way, and I believe film lovers and even filmmakers themselves will be the ones who love this film the most. Original ideas are slim to none throughout mainstream media nowadays, but I dare you to come up with a premise like this throughout the past ten years. Yes, there are always similarities in every story, but when a film can surprise you even in its first act, it's something special.

In the end, Brigsby Bear is a perfect little indie film for fans of cinema, well-written, well-directed, calmly scored with care, and wrapped in a nice little bow of uniqueness. I found myself wanting to rewatch this movie the second it concluded. Although short and to the point at a mere 97 minutes, there are many hidden elements that will elevate the movie even more upon second and third viewings. I'm sure the fact that it's so weird will turn some audiences away from fully enjoying it, but like I said, hardcore film lovers and filmmakers of any kind are truly the ones that will most likely love Brigsby Bear. This is easily one of the best films I've seen all year.
Quite quirky and quite good
Another nice indie film that will especially appeal to people who enjoy offbeat type of comedies, Brigsby Bear is certainly one of those. It starts on quite a serious note and for a while it seems this could evolve in a straight drama story but it takes an unexpected lighthearted turn and stays within that frame until the end.

It is interesting that the plot line on this site does not exactly reveal the main reason why the Brigsby Bear show abruptly ends and it is a good thing in my opinion since it keeps things more interesting.

There are a few things about the story that seem completely unrealistic and might bother some people but I think we should keep in mind that it is a comedy film and it's main goal is to put forward a positive message about the importance of friendship and never giving up your goals and dreams no matter how far fetched they sometimes seem and Brigsby Bear does that and manages to be a heartwarming film despite it's unusual storyline. I would personally recommend you to watch it if you want to see something different.
Brigsby Bear: Brilliant, extraordinary, misunderstood.
This is one extraordinary film. Fortunately, I did not know too much about it going in. Those who say that the less you know about it, the better, well, they're right. Though for me viewing the trailer and reading a brief synopsis did not reveal a whole lot. From the synopsis, it kind of sort of reminded me of The Truman Show (1998). However, that is about as external as one could conclude when coming away from this film. I was hoping this would be good and it is even better. After seeing it, my expectations were definitely exceeded. This is not hype-talking; this is a genuine feeling, a reaction I guarantee you.

It opens as wide as it is going to get this weekend. Saw it in an almost empty auditorium at an AMC on opening Saturday night. Unfortunately, this isn't going to reach a wide audience. I understand how one would find it difficult to wrap around the subject matter. For 25 years, a young man has been living in an underground shelter with whom he believes are his real parents Ted and April. Throughout his life, he has become captivated by an educational children's program called Brigsby Bear Adventures, which he thinks is the only show that exists. Early on in the film, he is found by the police and is taken away only to be reunited with his biological family. As he adjusts to life on the outside, he becomes very determined on making a Brigsby Bear movie. Of course with some help along the way.

It would be a mistake expecting a children's film because it isn't. It is PG-13 but it has very overwhelming material. Abduction is horrific and what I like about this film is how they show that something wonderful can come from something so contemptible; how a work of art can be created from something so reprehensible. That may be difficult for someone to understand.

April and Ted are the captors of James Pope (Kyle Mooney) but they weren't terrible to him. I know that may be an unsound point-of-view and I don't condone their actions. It's just that it wasn't necessarily a harrowing situation. I say that because I feel that they deeply cared for him. Yes, James was deceived because he believed that the air outside was toxic, he believed a show that did not really exist, and he even believed that he had been communicating with fellow viewers through his computer.

I also understand the other perspective from his biological parents. They did not want to comply with something that wasn't real from something that was so devastating. The show had been a large part of James's life and it was not something he was ready to let go. Making a movie out of this was his way of closure. I am satisfied with how this film progressed; how ultimately the people positively responded to him and his plight.

I disagree what some may consider this to be a comedy. There are some...some comedic elements, but it is mostly a drama. There were a couple of instances when I began to tear up; at first when Brigsby Bear basically was increasingly becoming more distant as James's family were beginning to present more options; expanding other interests. And also the final goodbye to Brigsby at the movie premiere. It moved me. I thought it was sad.

It is about letting go and not being so overwhelmed with misery. It is about how to be productive in the face of adversity. It is very inspiring. My Grade: A
I was of course never abducted at birth, or held in captivity, but I have felt alienated by the rest of society at times.
'BRIGSBY BEAR': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

A comedy-drama about a young man who's spent his entire life living in an underground home with his parents, and his only understanding of the outside world is through an educational kids' TV show called 'Brigsby Bear'. Then he learns that the show is fake, and he was kidnapped from his real parents. This becomes an extremely hard new reality for the young man to accept. The movie stars Kyle Mooney (of 'SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE' fame), Mark Hamill, Greg Kinnear, Matt Walsh, Michaela Watkins, Ryan Simpkins, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Claire Danes, Jane Adams and Andy Samberg (who also served as a producer). It was directed by Dave McCary (a veteran 'SNL' writer and director) and it was written by Mooney and Kevin Costello (both first time feature screenwriters). The film has received mostly positive reviews from critics, and it premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival in theaters. I really enjoyed it.

James Pope (Mooney) has spent his whole life living in an underground home with a couple, Ted (Hamill) and April Mitchum (Adams), that he believes are his parents. He's told the air outside is poisonous, and he's never allowed to leave the home without a gas mask (or travel very far from it). James's entire understanding of the outside world is taught to him through an educational kids' show called 'Brigsby Bear'. Then one day police raid their home, and James learns that he was abducted, at birth, from his real parents (Walsh and Watkins). He also learns that 'Brigsby Bear' is a fake TV show, that was created by Ted Mitchum. James has a very hard time accepting this information, and learning to adapt to his new life living with his real family. So he tries to adjust to this new reality by creating his own film version of 'Brigsby Bear', continuing the story created by Ted with his new family and friends.

Being an outsider, and a huge film lover (that strongly believes in the magic of movies), I really enjoyed and respect this film. I was of course never abducted at birth, or held in captivity, but I have felt alienated by the rest of society at times (for a couple of different reasons), and I could really relate to James in this movie. I especially could relate to his passion for film, and filmmaking, and his understanding of it's power to deliver empathy to others. So I very strongly agree with the message of this movie, and I could really empathize with the lead character in it. It's also a pretty well acted and directed film too. It's maybe not quite as classic as some even better films, with similar messages, but it is a really good and well made movie.

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The fish out of water scenario never gets old - it's almost like they are in a barrel.

Place all SNL movie prejudices aside, this is one sweet flick well worth the screening. Current TV regular Kyle Mooney writes and stars in a deliriously charming story of James, a sheltered manchild taking baby steps in the real world, with the help of his childhood VCR fixation.

Brigsby Bear, a fictional character doling out life lessons amidst interstellar adventures, and the only friend to a clever, lonely boy, is actually much more than that. Not all is at it appears. This lifelong television obsession threatens what is deemed a normal existence once James is introduced to the real world, and we are off to the races.

Kyle Mooney is exceptional in a sweet, wide-eyed role, one that could easily fall flat in self- parody, but retains an honest innocence throughout. When serious, life-altering issues arise, tough answers are left on the table as James forges ahead with optimistic zeal on his magical journey, never wavering or falling into cliché realization or self doubt.

Delightful, with one large caveat
Unexpected little comedy from Kyle Mooney, who co-wrote and stars, and is a sweet presence as a man-child suddenly thrust out into the real world after living a very, very constricted existence. In an era where so many comedies are loud and raucous and determined to wring laughs out of vulgarity, this one's small and quiet, and as it progresses, it shows you the best of humanity, in a convincing way. That's the word for it, humane. But it's also... far-fetched is too mild. The central conceit makes no sense: WHY did the Mark Hamill and Jane Adams characters subject him to this? Was it some sort of mind experiment? Something else? Give us a line or two that explains the premise, and I'll raise it to an 8.
Embrace the weirdness
Greetings again from the darkness. Many kids get obsessed with their favorite TV show and characters. Perhaps it's Minnie Mouse, Sesame Street or even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Whatever or whomever it is, they typically enjoy sharing their experiences with their friends. When we first meet James, he is staring, fully-engaged, at an odd, poorly produced show that appears to be a relic from the 1970's. His room is packed with franchised merchandise like a bedspread, a lamp, toys, and even a stuffed animal. We immediately notice two problems: we don't recognize this talking TV bear and James appears to be not a child, but a twenty-something with a 3 day beard growth.

Kyle Mooney has gained a following with his work (especially his quirky short films) on "Saturday Night Live". Here he collaborates with director Dave McCrary (another SNL stalwart) and co-writer Kevin Costello on their first feature film. Mr. Mooney also stars as James, the "Brigsby Bear" expert who was kidnapped as an infant, held captive in a desert bunker and brainwashed by his captor "parents" Ted and April (an excellent Mark Hamill, Jane Adams).

Being confined and isolated in a controlled environment with only artificial culture in no way prepares James for the long-delayed release back into the wild known as society. His biological parents Greg and Louise (Matt Walsh, Michaela Watkins) are thrilled to reunite with their long lost son, and very patient with James' struggles to assimilate.

James is unceremoniously dumped into the real world without his one security blanket: a TV bear that doesn't exist. He goes from being disconnected from the outside world to being disconnected inside a new world he doesn't know or recognize. Despite the pressures he is up against (police, family, new friends), he refuses to let go of his obsession.

It's at this point where we really root for Mooney and McCrary to embrace the weirdness. Instead, the story takes a bit of a conventional turn and we find ourselves no longer reveling in oddity, but instead cheering for James to continue influencing those who initially viewed him as the proverbial fish out of water. The film ends up as a creative story about creativity … if that's what it's about (or if it's about anything).

Strong supporting work is provided by Greg Kinnear as Detective Vogel (with a secret passion), Ryan Simpkins (sister of Ty) as James' somewhat reluctant sister, and Alexa Demie and Jorge Lendeborg Jr as the new friends who come to appreciate him for his perspective. Claire Danes is a misguided psychiatrist, Buck Bennett is a detective, Andy Samburg appears an acquaintance, and Kate Lyn Scheil is Arielle (and Nora).

The film can best be described as Funny-Sad, and a blend of ROOM (isolated and held captive), NAPOLEON DYNAMITE (a quirky dude), BEING THERE (an innocence that influences others), and ENCINO MAN (a guy being introduced to a new world). It has an emotional and heartfelt climax that is crowd-pleasing, and certainly deserves bonus points for not being a superhero movie, remake, sequel or reboot. Still, it leaves us wondering what direction this could have gone had the filmmakers remained true to the cause of embracing the weirdness.
Interesting original concept crashes due to a cliché ridden script.
On paper this movie had the potential to be something great, sadly it falls short of even being good. Brigsby Bear comes off as a try hard uplifting hipster tale. We've all seen it before the social outcast trying to fit in and the nice people who accept him. I wish the movie focused on Mooney's time in the bunker instead of focusing mostly on his character when he escapes lockdown. I'd like to have delved more into the motive behind capturing him and creating Brigsby as well. In the end the movie is forgettable and cheesy which is a real let down because the material could have surely produced an 8/10. Instead it gets a 5/10. Not a good one.
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