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Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy
IMDB rating:
G.J. Echternkamp
Malcolm McDowell as Chairman
Gonzalo Alonso Ruiz as The Resistance soldier
Shanna Olson as Grace Tickle
Burt Grinstead as Jed Perfectus
Folake Olowofoyeku as Minerva Jefferson
Marci Miller as Annie Sullivan
Anessa Ramsey as Tammy
Yancy Butler as Alexis Hamilton
D.C. Douglas as Abe (voice)
Manu Bennett as Frankenstein
Storyline: The year 2050 the planet has become overpopulated, to help control population the government develops a race. The Death Race. Annually competitors race across the country scoring points for killing people with their vehicles.
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Why Such A Low Rating?
An over-the-top black comedy, with plenty of gore for those enjoy gore. The beginning of the film reminds one of a WrestleMania event. I almost expected Vince McMahon to be introducing the Death Race participants, backed by Mahon's daughter. Casting Malcolm McDowell as the "Chairman" is brilliant. Alex of "Clockwork Orange" has graduated to the leader of the "Corporations of America," or whatever the new US was named in the film. Why this film received one star from many reviewers is beyond my comprehension. Eight stars for me. I'm looking forward to the next installment of Death Race.
A Pointless sequel
I imagine this had a larger budget than the original but manages to look even cheaper. But what the original Death Race 2000 lacked in budget in made up for in imagination and campy charm. This just wallows in it's excess gore and heavy handed humor. Whereas in the Paul Bartel's cult classic the violence is really kept in a minimum and is quite quick and brutal but without being overly exploitative. There are several elements that are directly referenced from the original. It makes me wish I was watching that than this. It is sad to see Macolm McDowell slumming in such trash. This will probably bring in a few DVD sales but will never be the classic as the original and will ultimately fade into obscurity quickly. Just watch the original.
I hope 2050 people will like it.
I really don't get it that why they even bothered to make this film. If they want give away their money then there are lots of charity and philanthropic organizations out there. Maybe the success of Mad Max prompted this amazingly redundant movie.

This movie redefine the word meaningless. The script is the most terrible thing about the movie. It had no story, no sense and neither any logic behind scenes. You will wonder why are the characters doing things. The main character was supposed to be a tough person while he turned out to be a hopeless romantic. The leader of the rebel party is the girlfriend of the ruling party, and their supports kill each other. Does that make any sense to you? And the ending, let's not talk about the ending it was completely bizarre and pointless. The main hero helps to start a mass murder and take the responsibility of repopulating earth. Great story has amazing ending.

I was bit surprised to see Manu Bennett in this film. His acting was okay but script ruined him. Marci Miller also tried to save the movie but script also let her down. Apart from these two all the other actors and actress were terrible with their sloppy and over acting, which made the movie worse.

Final thoughts: do not try to watch this one at home or anywhere.
More like Farce Race 2050...
Now, I will say that the movie cover/poster does have a certain retro feel to it, and it was that and the fact that Malcolm McDowell was in it that I decided to sit down to watch "Death Race 2050". I did so despite knowing very well that this was most likely going to be a questionable movie; especially with the last many years track history of the "Death Race" movies.

But still, I gave it a chance. And I ended up every bit as disappointing as I thought I would be. "Death Race 2050" was the worst of the "Death Race" movies that I have seen so far.

The story in "Death Race 2050" was so simple that even a dead person could keep up with it. Actually, it was so simple that there almost was no storyline to be found anywhere. And if you have seen any of the many previous "Death Race" movies, then you have essentially also seen this one.

As for the action sequences and the car sequences, well, let's just say that they tried. They didn't succeed, but they tried. The cars were laughable at best, and looked like something some teenagers had built in a questionable workshop somewhere. The car designs was so ridiculous that it was hard to take them seriously.

The acting in "Death Race 2050" was every bit as rigid, wooden and questionable as the car designs. And not even Malcolm McDowell could do anything to lift up the movie.

"Death Race 2050" makes usage of some CGI, as most movies do. But wow, the CGI in this movie was just horrible to look at, and it was hard to believe that such effects would see the light of day in 2017.

This movie was not entertaining, aside from the way that the main villain died. That was the only bright point of the movie. The rest of "Death Race 2050" was just not really worth the time, effort or money.
A very limp tribute
This is an attempt to extend the original classic 70'movie.

The original is crass, cheap, camp, silly and spectacular.

This movie just did not work on any level for me. It tries to be camp and cheap but it just feels forced.

The crowd scenes are badly shot and lacklustre, as is most of the scenes.

Despite the originals brash exterior it did have a degree of subtly and had interesting characters. Here the characters are just very poorly constructed stereotypes.

The action is quite thin and handled very clumsily. The director seems to relish in the poor production as if that is somehow funny or endearing.

Even the obligatory nudity is badly shot and unappealing.

I loved the original and this is a very poor tribute to it. I hate to say it but just give this a miss
If you're a fan of really, really bad B movies this is for you.
The original Death Race 2000 was at least somewhat excusable being it was made in 1973 and it was truly a "B" cult style movie. Death Race 2050 movie is so awful it is as though no time has passed and we're still making films in 1973.

It's not funny, not campy, and so childish that there are videos produced by middle school kids with better overall quality. Malcolm McDowell has done some decent work during his career and he should be fighting to get himself removed from the credits on this one it's such an embarrassment.

If you like the concept of a death race then I strongly encourage the reader to watch the Jason Statham and Luke Goss films and avoid this one.
Hopefully There Won't Be Another Movie This Year as Annoying As This One
Death Race 2050 (2017)

* (out of 4)

The second remake of the cult favorite 1975 film has Manu Bennett playing Frankenstein, one of five racers who is in the cross country race that gives its driver bonus points for running down pedestrians.

DEATH RACE 2050 is an extremely lazy, extremely boring and extremely annoying remake that sadly doesn't really get much of anything right. I'm one that is all for remakes but there's no question that sometimes they are disastrously wrong and that's the case for this one. The original 1975 film was a very fun film that's low-budget was used for some campy and it worked. The 2008 version wasn't all that great but it was mildly entertaining for what it was. This one, however, has so many bad things in it that it's hard to recommend anything about it.

There are all sorts of annoying things here but I think the most annoying is the fact that the film tries on purpose to be campy and it just doesn't work. The characters all seem to have been influenced by THE HUNGER GAMES and this too is rather pointless. The film has the majority of the characters either acting stupid or just so over-the-top that you're wishing they'd be killed off. The Frankenstein character, on the other hand, is extremely bland and just doesn't come across as entertaining. It certainly doesn't help that Bennett doesn't add much to the role but to be fair none of the supporting players bring much to their roles and this includes poor Malcolm McDowell who is picking up another paycheck.

The CGI effects are embarrassingly bad and some of them rival what you'd see out of an Asylum movie. The story is stupid, the added melodrama doesn't work and in all reality there's just nothing here. Well, I'd say that the over-the-top gore helps for those who enjoy the red stuff but you're best bet is to stick with DEATH RACE 2000.
is the best sequel we need more stars death race fans
This movie is the same plot and it has so more dark humor and build up I enjoyed this movie,and it makes death race proud,and I talked to D.C Douglas and he said about my positive review in his youtube channel and he said aw thanks man and he is a nice guy,and he was funny in this movie,and is kickbutt best summer blockbuster straight on DVD movie in 2017 and I don't want to spoil the movie
Death Race....as another form of birth control!
"Death Race 2000" (1975) was a trash film classic. "Death Race 2050" is an attempt to squeeze a few more dollars out of the concept...with generally predictable results. In some ways, this film is a bit like the original along with bits of "Idiocracy" and "Rollerball" tossed in as well. Like "Idiocracy", the public is unemployed and skill-less...sitting around the house watching television all day and breeding like rats. And, like "Rollerball", a tiny group of corporate plutocrats rule the world...and use the Death Race to keep the stupid masses content...as well as cut down on some of the overpopulation!

So is the film that different from the original? Not really. Sure, the CGI and cars look a bit nicer but none of this make the film better. In fact, because it is so similar, it is generally very predictable and takes few risks. Sure, there is a homo-erotic quality to Frankenstein's nemesis, Perfectus (instead of Machine Gun Joe) and a few of the other drivers are mildly interesting and the leader is actually hoping that Frankenstein LOSES...but none of it provides any reason to watch this instead of the original. I scored the original film a 2...it's bad but VERY entertaining and has cult film written all over it. This one is also a 3....but has none of the cult-like qualities and is only mildly entertaining when it makes commentary about the banality of mankind in the future.
I've seen better movies in my lifetime
I know there is lots of great comments about the movie, but for those people that care about quality, please stay away from this movie! cheap bad effects, horrible storyline. It is heavily offensive to people with cancer. Too much of unnecessary sex, This movie is horrible in many ways.
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