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USA, Germany
Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
David Fincher
Edward Norton as The Narrator
Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden
Helena Bonham Carter as Marla Singer
Meat Loaf as Robert 'Bob' Paulson
Zach Grenier as Richard Chesler
David Andrews as Thomas
George Maguire as Group Leader
Eugenie Bondurant as Weeping Woman
Christina Cabot as Group Leader
Christie Cronenweth as Airline Attendant
Tim De Zarn as Inspector Bird
Storyline: A ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town, until an eccentric gets in the way and ignites an out-of-control spiral toward oblivion.
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Fight Club follows the dive into insanity of a man trying to escape his own anarchy.
Fight Club follows the dive into insanity of a man trying to escape his own anarchy.

Even in the daylight this film manages to create darkness. The whole film consists of dimly lit, menacing scenes portraying the unknown as the narrator, Jack, loses his sense of reality. Actions of his alter-self, Tyler, are completely unpredictable and often unmemorable to him. His psychological state is constantly re-enforced by the mystery set forth by the film's cinematic elements.

The major theme of the unknown that we see in this film aligns with the conventions of a typical film noir. Their rundown home, the violence of their "Fight Club", and the eventual creation of a cult-like "army" all appeal to the theme of emphasizing the darker aspects of human condition. Outside of the cinematic elements, the role of a femme fatale is fulfilled by Marla. Introduced as an annoyance to Jack, she eventually becomes the only piece of reality he has left - aiding him in returning to reality by the end of the film. Though she was more known to his alter-self, ultimately his decisions throughout the film are driven by his interest in her.

Emphasizing character emotions, this film doesn't consist of many long shots. In the fight scenes, close and medium shots allow us to associate ourselves with the emotions of the characters as their aggression erupts in front of our eyes. Within these shots, the limited lighting is directed onto the bodies of the characters without reaching their faces, de-personalizing them to us as they have done to each other. This focused lighting shows that their club acts as another world to them, their realities temporarily forgotten. Throughout most of the film shots are done in a realistic style. It is only in the end, after Jack's reality has become apparent to him, that the film switches to a formalistic style. This style was most prominently featured in Jack and Tyler's fight scene as Tyler's power is exaggerated.

Production design is a major element of this film. Within the fight scenes the shirtless costumes are used to portray the characters as the vicious animals they have become. Outside of the "Fight Club", the next primary usage of costume is seen when Tyler begins building his "army". The all-black costumes his followers are made to wear reflect the attributes of the mindless cult that he is running. Particular to the main characters, Jack and Tyler, their costumes seem to contrast with each other. Jack is mostly seen wearing plain, casual clothes while Tyler wears more vibrant, exotic outfits. This contrast is used to symbolize the separate personalities - good and evil - of the single person they are.

Another evident element of the production design was the claustrophobic urban setting. This was employed to create the darkness necessary in portraying the film noir theme of the unknown. Tyler's rundown home in an abandoned district symbolizes the characters' alienation from society. It re-iterates the idea of the new society they have created for themselves, living by their own rules. Within that home, the disgusting conditions they subject themselves to represent their loss of sanity and the overall anarchy their world is evolving into.

Combined, these elements allow the audience to associate with the characters and feel the distancing from reality that the characters themselves are experiencing. With having the ability to to experience the plot rather than just witness it, I consider this to be an excellent film.
To overcome the fear. Trim excess. To reject all that is not true values. And slide.
To overcome the fear. Trim excess. To reject all that is not true values. And slide.

In 1996, the year the world saw a novel Chuck Palahniuk "Fight Club." The book was the body hailed by critics and soon many filmmakers interested in its film adaptation. And now, after three a year after the bestseller rocked the eponymous painting by David Fincher, causing wide public resonance. Shocking, strange and calling a film, however, flopped at the box office. But it was only the only evidence of instability of explosives, Detonated a few years later. In our days, the tape is considered the most a cult film of our time, Chuck Palahniuk, after the film adaptation of the cult of the author.

The story tells us about the history of the nameless yuppie middle- aged, Insomniac and disgust to private life. He is a typical representative of a modern middle class. Office clerk, not burdened with lofty priorities in life, with a stable income, comfortable housing, equipped according to the latest fashion interior, with lots of frills. Like all other people — a lot junk and gaping hole in the soul. This lasted until until Tyler Durden. Confident, handsome, soap salesman, projectionist, the waiter just an anarchist — he is fundamentally changing the worldview The narrator, becoming his spiritual mentor and the main ideologue fight club. What began as a kind of psychotherapy and discharge he turned around a global commitment to the complete destruction of civilization.

Plunging into the world of "Fight Club", you, like the main characters, not remain without scars. Action good hits spectator the radical ideas and rebellious attitudes, leaving him nothing but to spit broken teeth, in the form of their old beliefs and views. The film is really really excites the mind and long time will make you rake up your own worldview, reviewing and re-weighing values, but one way or another, indifferent to remain would be impossible.

However, it is not just meaningless chaos and robbery, it is deep philosophy. "Resurrection is possible only after full destruction." Civilization has stalled and needs a complete rebirth. This something was the problem Tyler and his Project "Defeat".

"Who are we? We're just consumers, obsessed with the external trappings prosperity." (C)

Here the familiar world we are shown awesomely, horribly empty and artificial. Order. Blue tie on Tuesdays. House. Work. Disposable ware. Greatest comfort. And it all collapses under the pressure of two rebels, to feel alive, awakened from their lethargy everyday, feeling the power in their hands to direct the course history.

Intrigue, chaos and soap — to watch it all with such gusto was not be possible without the brilliant tandem of brad Pitt and Edward Norton, who played some of his best roles in his career. It is also worth to note Helena Bonham Carter, who plays Marla singer. And separate ovation David Fincher is one of those rare occasions when adaptation is not inferior to the book. Bravo!

10 out of 10
The comparison to Clockwork Orange makes me puke

This is a dismal movie. I'm going to spoil some stuff, so don't read if you don't want, but read on if you want to save some time and money.

After I sat through this abomination, I knew I'd come on here and see that it got great reviews, because it tried to be so artsy that weak-minded people would say they liked it just to try to convince themselves that they have advanced taste. Midway through I told myself that if I heard that "I am Jake's this and that" line again I would get up and leave, but sure enough I kept hearing it and I stayed. Maybe I'm as dumb as the filmmakers. The fact of the matter is that I haven't seen a plot this full of holes since "Slugs". So if I start a fight club, the participants will just start showing up at my doorstep out of the blue and turn into mind-numbed drones that do my evil bidding??? Not only that, but this movie also taught me that if I stick a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger, not only will I live but I'll be able to talk to people in my normal voice, as long as I put a gauze pad on it.

If you still don't know, this movie is about a clinically-depressed guy who's search for therapy leads him to Brad Pitt, who teaches him that beating the bejeezus out of people will brighten his spirits. More guys find out about this, and they all join the "fight club" and then naturally go live with Pitt to become his evil minions. Of course! This must be how the Wicked Witch found all those monkeys. Their evil deeds get worse and worse, and the supposedly still-sane Norton inexplicably keeps hanging out with this bunch. This leads to one totally inane scene where the evil monkeys return from a gunfight with one of their members dead, and all Norton can do is whine "C'mon guys, cut it out".

So after this movie backs itself into a miserable corner, it's only escape is the equally awful "It was all a dream" ending, where we find out that Brad Pitt was just Norton's evil imaginary friend, and that Norton had been committing all these acts himself. Please audience, forget the fact that the "imaginary" Pitt managed to pull Norton from a burning car wreck and pick him up off the ground and hurl him down a flight of stairs. I don't care how psycho you are, your imaginary friend cannot physically pick you up.

Plot hole #9233 asks us to believe that during this short time, Norton had been in EVERY MAJOR CITY in the US forming more armies of mind-numbed robot monkeys, and that every male over the age of 18 in the United States was now a member of his "secret" evil gang. So anyhow, Norton finally realizes that he's been crazy all this time, and to kill Pitt he sticks a gun in his own mouth and blows his neck off, a wound which apparently isn't as debilitating as you would think, since he manages to get right up and make up with his girlfriend and watch peacefully as his evil plot comes to fruition. But wait, you thought he was sane now and would be horrified at what he did? So would I, but that apparently also is not the case.

Before you typically think that my movie tastes aren't as cultured as yours, let me tell you that I loved the masterpiece that was "A Clockwork Orange", and this movie was NO "Clockwork". If Clockwork ended by telling you that the old man in the wheelchair was actually the killer and that McDowell was just his evil imagination, then we'd have a comparison, but Kubrick wasn't that horribly stupid.

I am Jake's bad movie review.
A complete classic.
First, for this great masterpiece, I would like to thank David Fincher. The film gives a great message on psychology. But the main purpose is to show what level shambles of today's youth. The film tackles the decline of today's youth in a very hard way. Officially something new comes out after today's young people run the thing themselves or dedicate themselves to always search for a leader, this problem offers in a great way the audience. Acting I can say enormous. Formally integrated the roles of the players. Already today, many people have come by Tyler Durden character of history is considered as the best anti-hero. Every part of the film is filled with great criticism about our day. Also great to send on to mention other films. One of the most important elements of the film I'd say the mystery. Indeed, for someone with no knowledge of the subject monitors and film for the first time in a very difficult prediction about the end of the film. Absolutely should for everyone to see, and even to do bedside film is a masterpiece 9/10..
The first rule of fight club
...is that you do not talk about fight club. Looks like every one of us on this site has broken that rule. Oh, well, Brad Pitt doesn't exist to beat us up anyway. I just finished re-watching the film, so now I've seen it twice and I must say, I really liked it the first time I saw it (when I was 14 years old), but now I don't like it quite as much. For one, I don't think it's as great a movie as all the excitement from that twist will have people believe.

Sure, it's a great twist because it's not like something anyone would readily think up. For example, in "The Usual Suspects" the twist is at least a possibility, something that may come to mind, but you wouldn't really consider as being the explanation of the whole story. Fight Club's twist is different. It's as surprising as the one in "A Beautiful Mind". Edward Norton's acting too is superb. It's a good enough film, but re-watching it has made me realise that it is not as great as popular culture makes it out to be and it's not better than a lot of the movies from the same year that have been forgotten, whereas "Fight Club" very much still lingers around. It's by no means a bad film though. It's great, just not as good as I remembered. Guess a lot's changed since my first time.
A story about an emotionless man who changes his life after meeting a man named Tyler and a woman named Marla
Fight Club Review

Fight Club is a bizarre film. It has a weird sense of pacing, the plot is extremely lucid and seemly has no overarching goal, the main character is extremely off-putting and doesn't even have a name, and many other elements of the film are strangely put together. Fight Club is an extremely experimental film that tries to break a majority of the set-rules of cinema, but does this leave it a shallow stylistic mess? Absolutely not! Despite its very odd presentation Fight Club is an extremely brilliant film, that holds a tremendous amount of depth.

Fight Club is a black-noir film, which means the story is narrated from the point of view of the main character. Being a black-noir film is also carries a few noir flavored troupes, being that the movie has a mysterious atmosphere, contains many twists and turns, depicts a cynical view of the modern world, and of course contains a whole lot of gritty violence and sex! What I found funny about this film is how it can shift from being dark and violent, to hilariously immature, to deep and intellectual. I love these types of juxtapositions sense they do a great job of keeping the audience off kilter.

An aspect I love about Fight Club is the excessive amount of theming and symbolism used. Almost every object, location, or person represents an important aspect of the character or of an overall theme. (Spoiler warning!) For example when the main characters fancy apartment is a representation of his personality. The apartment has all of the essential things for living and looks very presentable, but it has nothing with sentimental value and looks as if no one has even been living there. The main character focuses on being presentable and having the appearance of a whole person, but in reality lacks substance and emotional attachments. This metaphor is pushed further when the main characters house is burned down and he describes seeing his destroyed fridge as "embarrassing, fridge full of condiments and with no food". This further represents the idea that main character is the same way, full of ornamentation and with no substance. (Spoiler end). Personally I'm a sucker for clever symbolism and theming as it adds a deeper meaning to the actions of each character and of each scene. I wouldn't say it's any substitute for a good plot, but it definitely adds to the overall quality of the film, especially when it's done as subtle as this film.

The cinematography of this film is spot on! Each scene's lighting and camera angle is manipulated in such a way that it forces the viewer to feel a plethora of emotions. Many fight scenes brilliantly use the lighting to only show the highlights of the characters bodies, and keeps their faces in the dark. This is done to intensify each blow that dealt between fighters and to help portray just how gruesome it is. Many scenes are filmed indoors and are set-up with a very claustrophobic feeling. This is to heightened the theme of entrapment that a majority of the characters feel within their lives. There are many other cinematography ticks used throughout the film, some being extremely connected to the films major plot twist. To catch some of these subtle foreshadows sprinkled throughout the film, I highly suggest watching the film multiple times to try.

The last thing to talk about is the plot. I've been avoiding touching this since this film is best watched with as little information as possible. The key things I want to address is despite the film seemingly like it has little main goal or plot, there is a rather hidden main point of the film. The film overall is a story about a man who meets a man named Tyler and a woman named Marla, and it shows how the friendships he made with the two ultimately push the main character to change his life, for better or for worse. The film breaks a lot of rules about narrative progression but it still feels like a solid and well thought out story that's definitely worth a watch!

Overall Fight Club is a fantastic story with a lot of depth and I definitely recommend it to those who enjoy thrillers, and mysteries.
seriously if you have not seen this film yet stop what you are doing, go down to wherever you buy DVDS from and pick this up then watch it and repeat. this movie is too intricate and complex to go into here but you are gripped throughout the whole film and the twist is the perfect payoff. just watch it and enjoy, because believe me you will. The characters are some of the most interesting and compelling i have ever seen in any kind of media, except perhaps Lester burnham from American beauty (another great film btw). the way they all fit into the overall plot and story is fantastic and the people who created this masterpiece should all be given huge praise for allowing me to watch the film and then afterwards sit through the credits with a huge smile.
ULTIMATE Dumb Guy movie.
How can we get Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Meatloaf to beat the c**p out of each other? This movie solves that "problem," and gives the studio license to shoot a film veiled in psuedo-philosophies and violence.

It's just dumb. Don't try looking beneath the surface, because nothing is there (maybe that's the point). It provides that men are imasculated and shackled by modern life... their spirits crushed by their jobs and their possessions. In order to escape, you fight. It's so simple! Give up the banalities of ordinary life and find your individuality in a black t-shirt fight gang. Makes sense. Teenage males will certainly think so, since it is filmed in the MTV style... bright color palette, fancy edits, blood... mesmerizing (and simple philosophies tend to go over well on that demographic).

It actually starts our promisingly. I loved the first quarter. Only when it attempts to provide us with answers that are, sorry, far out of the grasp of the writers, does it fail.

Film buffs may want to view it simply for one of the sloppiest, tacked-on "surprise" endings in cinema history. I could only laugh. Bottom line: Dumb.
Maybe one of the best movies ever made
An intense psychological thriller movie that goes so deep into the protagonist's mind that feels almost like dreaming. Many scenes are symbolic and you need to watch them again and again to reveal cool details that are strategically placed. And that's one thing. The overall movie is just plain cool. Colors, editing and overall style are just beyond. Of course the twist of the plot is also amazing and it is one of the most shocking experiences you can get from modern cinema. Also the cast couldn't have been better. The chemistry of the roles in this movie is astonishing. Apart from all this the soundtrack by chemical brothers is of course rated high. Go see it if you haven't done yet. One of my favourites. The end.
Not what I expected. One of the best movies ever made.
I had avoided this movie as I had assumed it was 'Rocky Goes Underground'. Saw it last night (May 2013) only because my son wanted to watch it and I was too tired to get off the couch. I was totally blown away. It has no resemblance to Rocky or any other boring boxing movie.

Can't stop thinking about it today, certainly can't concentrate on work. Why? Because I totally identify with The Narrator and it seems from the comments here and from the consensus of viewer ratings that I am far from alone. Its not 'Macho Porn', or 'little-boy posturing' as Roger Ebert describes it. It is rather one of the most thought provoking movies I have ever seen.

I unleashed my own Tyler Durden 10 years ago, not violently or illegally, but I did turn my back on my serf-like existence as a well- paid corporate slave. Sure it was painful and chaotic. But my marriage survived and now I run my own small business. Sometimes I think I made a mistake, as my former affluent life sure was easier. But it takes a movie like this to remind me how empty it was and how much more satisfying it is to take the road less travelled, to forge my own destiny, to have a proper work life balance that allows me to know my kids and to not be sucked into hollow consumerism.
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