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Crime, Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Adam Randall
Storyline: After being shot while calling for help trying to stop a violent attack on his high school girl, a 16 year old boy awakens from a coma to discover that fragments of his smart phone have embedded in his brain, giving him superhero powers. He uses this knowledge and technology to exact revenge on the gang responsible for the attack.
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Boy, I Boy this one has some problems
Let me say from the start, this movie gets a lot of things right but screws up equally as many...

First off, thankfully the movie never tries to explain his abilities in detail or justify it any further than the head wound, thus avoiding senseless pseudoscience talks. The acting is above average, the chemistry works, the cinematography is solid and while the plot of "cleaning up the hood" doesn't win a price for originality, they even pulled that one off pretty nicely with the rape revenge as the main motivation. The movie also does a pretty good job at showing the trauma caused to Maisie Williams character and doesn't just use her as a plot device. Overall much more than I was expecting from such a rather low budget production which was probably just pitched as "you need more content on your page ? let me write something up real quick and see where that goes"

That being said... They must have just given up writing the script after it was 2/3 done, cause the ending is horrible in every way.Its lazy, it doesn't follow the previously established rules, makes no sense what so ever and doesn't even look cool... After the "final boss" is "defeated" it gets even worse with an uninspired resolve and no follow-through what so ever.

If it had ended after about 60 minutes this could have gotten a much higher rating.
We have ourselves a cool "Watch Dogs" movie.... British-style
I will try not to give away any of the film's premise but forewarning it may my be birthed. What a great twist on the cyber-hacking, revenge story. The main character comes out of a coma and is able to read, hack and decipher phones, computers and the like. As the story moves forward he uses this skill to get even with certain individuals. Maisie Williams from GOT, is great as usual and the main character is perfect as we weave our way through the story. I will not give away too much of the plot but the way Netflix are making these gems reminds of the 90's when film making took chances and we the viewer were rewarded with some truly great films. It immediately reminded me of the video game Watch Dogs but with a differently vibe to it. The Brits have a way of making great films without adding cheesiness to their plots. Anyone who is into tech and cyber anything, should give this one a watch. Another hit Netfix, keep them coming.
iBoy could herald a new franchise
While iBoy is congruent with recent Marvel Super Power heroes, the film is uniquely British in both style and production. iBoy's elements combine to create a film worth watching.

iBoy springs from the hand of Joe Barton who has worked on several episodes of Humans (an adaptation of the Swedish production : Äkta människor / Real Humans), as well as on an episode of the police drama Cuffs. This and his other work obviously supported an excellent script for iBoy whose greatest challenge appears to be sourced in the directing. However, I predict that if this writing and directing partnership continues, the casting and directing in future productions will improve.

For science fiction and action hero fans, this is a film worth viewing and hoping that more such films are produced.
Thank goodness I watched this despite the (erroneous) so-so ratings!
I'm so glad I took the plunge and watched this. Initially I decided against it because of 60ish% ratings, but when I read the IMDb reviews, I saw enough literate reviews praising the film that I was encouraged to give it a go. This movie is utterly amazing. It builds tension gradually and ultimately (for me) perfectly! It has a wonderful underpinning of emotional truth, overlaid with Sci Fi thriller elements, and even weaves in a bit of teen romance to be the cherry on top! I cannot praise it highly enough. The poor reviews? I can only suppose people who (a) don't like - or are not familiar with - science fiction, or (b) people who don't like teenagers? or (c) people who are not conversant enough with technology to understand what's happening, or (d) people who are not familiar with the vibe of literate British film productions (some older Americans perhaps?), or (e) semi- literate racists who voted for Trump, were the primary givers of these low star ratings. This film is a sweet and amazing little triumph. My dearest wish is that it was more widely promoted to the right demographic, and it easily surpasses anything in the cinema over the past 12 months (with the exception of anything by that delightful Marvel company!).
Idk why but I really enjoyed this film normally I don't watch all of these super power films because I don't like unrealistic films but this one was awesome!!! Everyone needs to watch his its promising! The perspectives and the roles in this film were perfectly matched but towards the end it kinda got confusing and made no sense, I believe they had of rushed the ending of the this film but still great to watch.
Ironically this film is about technology and its ability is only via technology.
REVIEW - IBOY Saw this and just out of interest started watching purely because it was a Netflix original but set in London.

What a surprise, brilliant film, brilliant story asking questions of friendship and loyalty.

Ironically this film is about technology and its ability is only via technology.

No I'm not going to spoil this for you but all I will say is if you have Netflix and want to watch a good film this is the one.
Parents need to know that iBoy is based on the sci-fi Kevin Brooks novel of the same name. The premise is that a smartphone accidentally embedded in a boy's brain gives him super powers. The movie's focus is on the defenseless, crime-plagued, inhabitants of South London public housing and the gangs that terrorize them. All who live there are trapped in their roles by poverty and hopelessness. Marijuana use, drug dealing, threats, beatings, guns, rape, and money laundering are all featured. Language includes "f-- k," "s--t," and "bastard." Teens smoke marijuana and drink beer. A video of a boy (clothed and sitting at a desk) is shown in a classroom. No body parts are shown but it's clear what he's doing. iBoy' is a sparky film, in London's cheek-by-jowl world of wealth and poverty.

It's also a dark teen drama, peppered with brutal beatings, gang rape, drugs and dead bodies.

MOVIE DETAILS On DVD or streaming: January 27, 2017 Cast: Bill Milner, Maisie Williams, Rory Kinnear Director: Adam Randall Studio: Netflix Genre: Science Fiction Run time: 90 minutes MPAA rating: NR
Trying to explain it logical fails enormously..
First of all first 15minutes of this movie kind of ruined the entire movie, I was almost about to just to quit when I figured out that the movie wasn't to bad, the main story is kind of okay, and the powers isn't that stupid..

BUT the backstory that explain all of it are kind of lame, any geek that loves this would find it just stupid. "A shot through a phone and shrapnel from the phone would give you superpower that makes you communicate with digital devices." Its less believable then just saying that the superhero got brain damage by a bullet, survived and got superpowers by some weird brain surgery...

Trying to explain the power at the beginning, kind of ruined the entire movie.. Because it fail any logic.. Making something not that logical logic is kind of the downfall of this movie...

But a good watch if your bored...
Close enough
I remember reading this book when it first came out (around 2010). It was and still is one of my favourite books. Of course the book and movie have their differences but after all it wasn't that bad.

The pacing is a bit slow although it escalates quickly which kind of ruins the story itself.

The book and the movie have a bit of different story as of where in the book, "iBoy" doesn't get shot in the head instead an iPhone comes flying out of the window hitting his head.

The characters are a bit different than I imagined; but after all it's a movie.

If you have read the book I recommend this movie, it's a fine adaptation. If you haven't read the book just enjoy the movie :)
A Watchdogs Movie
If you have played WatchDogs 1 & 2 on PC, Playstation or XBOX, iBoy will instantly make you wonder if the movie is inspired from the game.

Storyline is great but the cinematics and animations look and feel like a budget movie. Maybe with improved FX and creative thinking (like Sherlock TV Series), the movie could have been packaged better.

As the movie starts, you are hooked on because you are wondering how does Tiom's life change with this newfound power. But I think somewhere in between the movie, the story-line is executed in a rush.

Definitely scope for a part 2 (and this time please just call it WatchDogs and use some of its FX ideas).
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