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Thomas Purifoy
Paul Nelson as Himself
Todd C. Wood as Himself
Andrew Snelling as Himself
Marcus Ross as Himself
Danny Faulkner as Himself
Art Chadwick as Himself
George Grant as Himself
Robert Carter as Himself
Steve A. Austin as Himself
Steven W. Boyd as Himself
Del Tackett as Himself
Kurt P. Wise as Himself
Storyline: A comprehensive documentary featuring scientists and scholars looking at the world and explaining how it intersects with the history recorded in Genesis. Dr. Del Tackett, creator of "The Truth Project," serves as your guide-hiking through canyons, climbing up mountains, and diving below the sea-in an exploration of two competing views...one compelling truth.
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best view of real earth history
Finally some real scientist rise up to debunk the great lie of evolution religion... Evolutionsist proclaim their good idea is science but in reality severely lacks credible strength on numerous serious scientific failures of the theory. While the logic 'sounds' good and the science 'feels' good, the theory falls drastically short of credible acceptance. Originally, this good idea was formed over 140 years ago and has undergone severe scrutiny to the point that died hard Darwinist have had to modify their belief into new Darwinism. This lead to the creation of a highly sectarian group of Neo-Darwinist who are headed by Dr. Richard Dawkins. Dr Dawkins published his book, "The Blind WatchMaker" which has become a Bible of sorts to this emergent sect of radicalized atheist. I approve the movie.
Delusional at best
Completely partial towards Christianity, convenient conclusions without evidence and lies, but the beautiful production deserves credit, so +1 star :D Well I expected this, kind of religious result, so typical, be free of superstition and delusion and live thinking free, skeptical, truthful, a bit humble, grateful, and reasonable for love to Humanity, cheers.
Amazing documentary !
If anyone can still believe in evolution, after watching this, well... it will be sad. The nuances and details make this a great piece of information, that will erase the stupid theories we learned in school, from teachers that didn't quite understand what they were teaching, from studies that were just random information that everyone just took for granted and never wondered why it didn't make sense.
More creationist nonsense!
Rehashed "arguments" and points of view by people who value primitive superstitions over science and reason.

It's sad in the year 2017 to see so many people still substituting beliefs for knowledge.

Believing something is not the same as understanding or knowing. You can believe in gods, unicorns, Santa Claus or monsters under the bed but your personal beliefs are not the same as facts or knowledge backed up by credible, verifiable evidence.

As comforting as their personal delusions and ignorance may be to them, the people(creationists) are simply selling their view of the world based on lack of knowledge and ignorance.
Great concise review of how to back up scripture with science
Many who watched this movie gave it bad reviews because it accomplished what it set out to do. Starting with two views, one is assumed, it has been crammed down our throats throughout all levels of schooling and needs no more details given, while it would be nice to have both sides it would make the movie extraordinarily long to include, though further examination would be great in this area, it can't be expected from on movie. The defense of literal interpretation of scripture is exactly what is needed. If some of it isn't true doesn't that make the entire thing untrue, (meaning the Torah, not the whole scripture) so why would care about any half truths, there is no point in defending theistic evolution or long earth in a defense for Genesis, because you would be admitting it a lie from the start. Clearly there are flaws with this as any sort of concise scientific review of creation of the earth, or as a summary, but that is not what it is. This is an argument, an argument that has been nearly silent in the scientific community and an argument that makes a lot of sense if you believe in the scripture. Clearly this does not in any way defeat the old earth, evolutionary perspective, but rather it supports a literal Genesis account as did the entire scripture after, deeming it all true. Scientifically this does not disprove anything so it isn't any scientific accomplishment, rather it lays out an alternative hypothesis, that can not be disproved when understood with the rapid changing landscape events found in Genesis.
Beautifully made and very informative
everyone has a right to express their own opinion and have their own free will to believe in whatever they so choose. I believe in biblical history and science. This documentary was beautifully and carefully made. It has been titled in an obvious way to let viewers know this is in relation to the book of Genesis. It is your choice to view it with an open heart, mind, and willingness to be informed by educated scientists correlating their life's work with biblical history. I was very impressed by their research and evidence.
Wonderful film
This is an exquisite film. You can tell that a lot went into the making of this film. And the results are a wonderful presentation of scientific, historical and just plain common sense information about the Biblical events in the book of Genesis. It is packed with so much fascinating and eye opening information set on a backdrop of beautiful scenery. Wonderful delivery of highly scientific information explained for all to understand and develop your own answer to the question, "Is Genesis History?". I would highly recommend this film...it's definitely a keeper!
Theological pseudo-documentary with plenty of cherry picking pseudoscience.
I was expecting a serious look at Genesis aND a serious look at science. We got a serious look at Genesis but nothing very scientific.

I found two items of particular trouble, one was a supposed scientist who said "we think" atomic decay rates have changed over time. We can tell by stars billions of light years away that the same weak nuclear force today was in effect as far back as we can see, tens of billions of years ago. The universe would not exist if the weak nuclear force was as unstable to cause over 10 orders of magnitide of difference as is suggested by that alleged scientist.

Also the fossil evidence explanation they have that the flood waters receding and rising caused different ecosystems that brought about different animals cursed with claw and tooth from the original sin. We don't see any of the types of animals Noah saved in those fossil layers along with prehistoric fishes, so a very poor explanation. In fact, we don't see armored fishes with early mammals either, or even in the dinosaur layers.

The evidence is very one sided and very weak. Because they refused to offer any alternative counter argument it made it seem like less a search for the truth, and more like propaganda hiding behind loads of strawman arguments and dishonesty, distraction or pseudoscience.

If you want the truth you'll have to go somewhere else. If you want pseudoscience to help you close your mind off to the truth, this is the perfect film. Just be sure to avoid all genuine scientific analysis and counter arguments to the very weak arguments supplied by this film and your mythology will remain safe from rational and objective thought. It's about faith, not fact, and that is why they don't call faith, truth.

I gave 3 stars because they had nice filming locations, and the people in the film did not insult the vast majority of scientists who agree that the universe is billions of years old for millions of interlocking reasons.
Exciting new possibilities
It is exciting that science itself bears evidence for the truth of creation. Some have criticized it because it is "belief", but it is belief based on Facts! Yay! It is pretty lame to believe all life forms came from a single cell, and the very diversity of life forms pretty much attests that evolution is far fetched.Just the information about dimensional DNA was mind challenging!
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