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USA, Italy, Hong Kong, Canada
Crime, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Chad Stahelski
Keanu Reeves as John Wick
Ruby Rose as Ares
Perry Yung as Doctor
Riccardo Scamarcio as Santino D'Antonio
Tobias Segal as Earl
Claudia Gerini as Gianna D'Antonio
Lance Reddick as Charon
John Leguizamo as Aurelio
Ian McShane as Winston
Common as Cassian
Laurence Fishburne as Bowery King
Storyline: After returning to the criminal underworld to repay a debt, John Wick discovers that a large bounty has been put on his life.
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A satisfying 2nd Chapter
When I saw the first JOHN WICK film, I thought, "I want take another trip into this Universe and unlock some more of it's secrets".

I am pleased to report that JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 opens up that world in a welcome way, building on the previous film whilst simultaneously refreshing the audience about what in the first film delighted us so much.

If you don't know what the charm of the JOHN WICK films are, let me help you - action, interesting settings, Action, good characters, Action, interesting plot developments and Action, ACTION, ACTION!

JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 delivers on all these fronts.

Let's start with the interesting settings.  While the film brings you back into the secret assassins underworld (through the Commodore Hotel and the wonderfully mysterious and always interesting Lance Reddick as the Concierge), this film opens up the world to bring us into the Italian version of this place.  While the great Ian McShane is the proprietor of the NYC version of the Commodore, Director Chad Stahelski trots out good ol' Franco Nero as the proprietor of the Italian Commodore and the underworld lying beneath.  The audience also gets a hint that there are many of these "hotels" throughout the world and the assassins utilizing these services are bound by a code that is harsh to those that break it.

As far as interesting characters, any movie would be happy with the interesting characters that the aforementioned McShane, Nero and Reddick bring to the screen, but they are accompanied by John Leguizamo (repeating - albeit briefly - his auto repair maestro from the first film), Peter Stormare (as - what else - a mob boss), Giannia D'Antonio (as the leader of the Italian underground) and Lawrence Fishburne as "the Bowery King" (need I say more).

I haven't even mentioned the strong turns both Common and the up- and-coming Ruby Rose put forth as fellow assassins gunning (quite literally) for John Wick.

And, of course, there is good ol' Keanu Reeves as the titular character.  Stoic, silent, short on words and long on action.  This character fits him like a glove and Keanu flexes this glove over and over again in an enjoyable and winning performance that has the audience rooting for the underdog, anti-hero of this film.

But, make no mistake, the real star of this film is the many, many action scenes.  Starting with an assault on a NYC "chop-shop" to a fight in the catacombs under Italy to the extremely interesting final battle set in an Art Museum that is showing an exhibit on mirrors (it's as trippy as it sounds), the action comes at you quickly and decisively and so very satisfyingly.  There is so much of it, that there is a danger of becoming numb to it, but Director Stahelski (who also helmed the first JOHN WICK film) smartly pulls back in time to give the action time to settle in before revving it back up again.

This film, clearly, is the 2nd film of a trilogy.  The opening scene starts right after the previous film ends and the film finishes with an ending that is greatly open-ended pointing to what one can expect from JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3.  It will be interesting to revisit this film once the "trilogy" concludes to see if the events in this film are enhanced (or forgotten).

Go for the action, stay for the stunts, the characters, the settings, the costumes.  It is a feast for the eyes and ears.  It is VERY violent, so not for everyone, but that's okay with me, I was expecting it and was greatly rewarded.

Letter Grade A-

8 (out of 10) stars and you can take that to the Bank (ofMarquis)
I like movies that do what they say they are going to do and then do them well. John Wick is a killer and he kills and he does it well. You get your fill and then some and just when you wonder when he will get tired, you get tired first waiting for him to tire. The point? He doesn't like to kill and would prefer not to but like Wild Bill Hickock, his hands and body are perfectly tuned in to doing what they are told at an incredible speed. Maybe his neurons are lined up 100%? Results don't lie and people die. Whether it is hand to hand, knifes, pencils, guns and super-guns your terminated! Now, a $14 million dollar hit has been placed on his head. That means nearly everyone will take a chance to get lucky and collect this payday. But John says quite clearly "I'll kill them all". All I can say is that I like to eat while watching movies. I also record them so I get speed them up if they get dull or take too long. With this movie, you don't need to do anything but have your meal, sandwich, tasty drink and a decent snack ready to go. John Wick does the rest. Looking forward to #3. BTW...they should have named these movies John Wick level one, level two and level three because they play just like a game with levels. This movie flows nice!
As good as the first!
This movie was a rarity. It was as good as the first. Action from start to finish with a sense of dignity thrown in. The scene with Laurence Fishburne had me grinning, Not sure if people caught the references to Matrix that were thrown in there. Watch this movie.....the ones who rated 1 -2 stars have No clue....watch it you won't regret it.
Amazing Movie
An ardent fan of Keanu Reeves, I can only say that it is another amazing and a very watchable movie. It contains very few glitches and cliché. I wish I could give all stars!, alas! Here goes the habit. Chad Stahelski and all, not revealing the story line until my friends see this. Watch this in movie theatres for the action scenes to take full effect. Mesmerizing, villainous acts and dialogues, the new movie meets the expectations. To score well in a sequel takes quite courage, skill and experience and the director has shown them all. I would say the first movie was even better, but this one is also good.A must see for action fans, just as well shot and choreographed as the first one.The plot is equally intriguing and frustrating. We get to see more into the underground crime world that exists in this universe, but a lot of rules and character's actions are vague and hard to encrypt.Still if you want to see a lot of people shot, you'll be satisfied.The movie breaks new ground with its stunt team going bigger and better with its action sequences. The world expands well with the help of sleek shots and score. Moreover, it is a good story telling with a cliffhanger ending. If you the man/woman of action film this movie is for you. Just go to theatre and enjoy it- a rush of Adrenalin from start to finish.
An improvement on the first film
The film picks up right where the last one ended, as Wick attempts to find and take back his beloved car. Overall it's essentially more of the same, great action, plot, music, comedy, actors and acting. However I feel the villain isn't so generic and forgettable this time and this film has higher stakes, along with a real feeling of suspense that hits you in the final act. I disliked the cliffhanger ending, however it left me really excited to see what's next in-store for the third (hopefully final) film. I have to give this a higher rating for improving on the first film and consider both films a must watch for all action loves.
Non-Stop unique Style Action !
Keanu completes his unique style of John Wick character action, he has 53 years and does all of this action as if he is in his middle 20s, You feel the character grieve, loneliness and his ultimate well to revenge from all those who missed up his life and don't want to leave him alone... You should respect the the hard training that done by Keanu to reach that physical readiness to make that action looks real and classic... Also many thanks to Chad the director for taking the shots in the old wide scenes way not the fast moving camera, cropping and crappy new way... Best Action dose ever along with its prequel...
more Gun Fu
Iosef's uncle still has John Wick's car. Wick comes after it and the uncle accepts his offer of peace. He hopes to return to his peaceful retirement but crime lord Santino D'Antonio calls in his Marker. He faces deadly assassins, numerous killers, and countless thugs as Santino uses him to gain power even offering a $7 million contract.

Gun Fu is loads of fun and the addition of Pencil Fu is glorious. What makes the original great is the simple, powerful, and poetic motivation of John Wick. The sequel could not possibly repeat that. They can't kill off another dog. This one delivers what it could. Keanu Reeves remains the same and there is more fighting. The plot is almost meaningless. It is all action and all Wick.
Just violence with no story
No character development. No real plot. The story lacks cohesion. The scenes have no real connection. Actions without rhyme or reason. If you all you ask for is fight scenes, you will love it. If you want more than gratuitous violence, expect to be disappointed. Does anyone in Hollywood feel a story line matters? Easier to just go bang bang bang. I am all for violence if it adds to the story. The violence is all you get, with no story. It is like a generic first person shooter video game. No one will remember it. No classy scenes or memorable quotes. Just a run of the mill generic action film. Boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the fight scenes are generic and predictable.
A movie directed by Chad Stahelski. The main character (Keanu Reeves) returns to the killing business and kills a lot of people. I must admit that I was expecting a lot from this movie since the first part was genius. And.. I was really disappointed. In the first movie you can see how opponents of John Wick are afraid of him, he is the Legend. And in this part, you can't feel it. It's like another action movie where is a lot of fights, but there is a complete lack of atmosphere from 1st part.
Lots of Action, Not Much Substance
I really enjoyed the first John Wick. It was stylish, lots of action, and had an anti-hero you could root for. The character was depressed, heart sick over the loss of his wife, and just not interested in being an assassin any longer. Then thugs mess with him and he goes on a rampage.

Chapter 2 takes up right from the end of the first movie. He wants his car back. Then he tries to retire again, but fate won't let him. So, again he goes on a killing rampage. Its the same as the first movie, just less plot development and a lot more bad guys to kill repetitively. The main villain was lame and the mute bodyguard was underdeveloped. The inclusion of Laurence Fishbourne was a bit of a stunt, I guess to give a wink to the Matrix movies. His character is pointless and doesn't have much to do.

Still, Chapter 2, has its moments. The fight scenes are well staged. The car chases were kind of lame, but some of the stunts within those chases were exhilarating. Common as a fellow assassin is a nice counterpoint to Wick. Their scenes crackled with charisma. Hopefully he returns for Chapter 3. Likewise, Iam McShane as the Continental Manager is fun to watch as he directs traffic at his establishment. The fights and stunts, as I said, are fantastic and well choreographed.

The first movie was long on action, so this one should have dialed it back a bit and set up character development for the last movie in the trilogy. Unfortunately, it was just a lot of people getting shot in the head.

I still enjoyed the movie and its running time, while a bit long at 125 minutes, didn't feel too long. Hopefully, in Chapter 3 the stunts will be used to enhance the plot rather than cover up for the lack of one.
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