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Bria D. Singleton Cinematography
Bria Singleton was born in the beautiful and sunny, Long Beach California. She is joyful, bubbly and charming, with a larger than life personality. Bria has always been a natural performer. When she was an infant, she would hum soulful melodies and dance to any song with a catchy beat. At the tender age of 8 months, Bria went on her first audition for a national McDonald's commercial and booked it. Since then, Bria has gone on to shoot commercials for Tide, Walgreens, Lowe's, Disney, LinkedIn and more. Bria is also a voiceover artist. She booked a Guest Star role as the adorable, Bella on the Cartoon Network series, Clarence. Bria's animated film debut will be Mariah Carey's, All I Want For Christmas Is You. In the film she is the voice of Mariah's adorable little sister, Beth. Bria also has professional ADR/Looping voiceover experience. Bria enjoys performing theatrical roles as well. She booked her first Television pilot at the age of 4. Moreover, Bria has also had roles on several television shows such as: Fresh Off The Boat, Better Things, The Talk and a fun segment on Access Hollywood. In 2017 Bria booked a supporting role in a feature film directed by Dallas Jackson. She also booked a lead role in the short film, This Little Light where she portrays Khadijah, a young girl with a mental health disorder. Bria is multi-talented. Not only does she act, she can also sing, dance, and play the piano. In addition to acting, Bria has a passion for science, math and cooking. Her hobbies include: Reading, directing movies, writing skits, cooking, experimenting, taking nature walks, skateboarding, boxing and swimming. Bria has a large and loving family. She is one of five children. She is a fraternal twin, has three sisters, one brother, a niece, a nephew and a host of extended family, including a great-grandfather who is 100 years old. Bria lives with her mom, dad and younger siblings. She is a pescatarian, loves animals, loves the earth and wants to be an actress and a scientist when she grows up. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Relative
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