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Cali Cinematography
Franck "Cali" Nelle was born and raised in Paris. At age 16, he started learning martial arts, more specifically Taekwondo where he developed this incredible vertical jump he's known for. The he taught Taekwondo,for over 10 years. At 19 years, he got in body popping, locking and break-dancing. In 2006, a knee injury got in the way of his Taekwondo career. In 2007, Cali moved to London and began doing Parkour in London, where he quickly got spotted to work in short films, adverts and music videos. He competed in the 2008 Barclaycard World Freerun Championships, in which his performance consisted of a large amount of dancing. He was a judge for the 2009 championships. A couple of months later he left Urban Freeflow and created, with some of his friends, a team called Storm Freerun. His various set of skills (martial arts ; parkour / Free Running ; acrobatics ) open him the doors to the stunt double world. He's training for the stunt register.
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