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USA, UK, China
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Martin Campbell
Jackie Chan as Quan Ngoc Minh
Caolan Byrne as McCormick (as Caolรƒยกn Byrne)
Donna Bernard as Channel A News Anchor
John Cronin as Denis Fisher
Charlie Murphy as Maggie / Sara McKay
Aaron Monaghan as Pat Nugent
Orla Brady as Mary Hennessy
Rufus Jones as Ian Wood
Mark Tandy as Simpson
Lia Williams as Katherine Davies
David Pearse as Billy McMahon
Michael McElhatton as Jim Kavanagh
Pierce Brosnan as Liam Hennessy
Storyline: The story of humble London businessman Quan (Chan), whose long-buried past erupts in a revenge-fueled vendetta when the only person left for him to love - his teenage daughter - is taken from him in a senseless act of politically-motivated terrorism. In his relentless search for the identity of the terrorists, Quan is forced into a cat- and-mouse conflict with a British government official (Brosnan), whose own past may hold clues to the identities of the elusive killers.
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The Foreigner is highly recommended for fans of Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnon if they wanted to see them in something different
Just watched this with my movie theatre-working friend and his nephew. It begins when Jackie Chan takes his daughter to a dress shop to get something for her prom. Pierce Brosnon also figures into the story in a role much different from many of his other ones especially his most famous one as James Bond. I'll stop there and just say there's much compelling drama and a few good action scenes for Chan fans. So on that note, we three highly recommend The Foreigner!
not the greatest action film but still good worth to see Jackie Chan Series Performance
well on trailer it made it look like full on action but their is moments where the film is slow bit of drama to it but sametime movie is good i didn't hate it believe it's not what you think it is. just because i rate it 6.10 doesn't mean it's noting special or it's not film is not worth it well then rent it or Netflix or what ever if you don't want to see it on theater i did because i got interest i am big fan of Jackie Chan my favorite as well always drunken master, police story flicks rush hour movies i never liked his silly kung flu kids movies like karate kid. this movie is full on series Jackie Chan i really wish he did more series roles like this more their is one movie

called Crime Story, New Police Story has a lot more series thriller or drama to it but like this yeah but their is moments where the action did stop in middle of movie it turned out to be bit slow but it's still Jackie Chan in a different style of movie he still does his own stunts in movie oh he is old ???? who gives a dam he still does his own stunts in movie but he still kicked ass pushing van swinging door so fast kicking bad guys out of his way he does his own stunts believe me their is NO DOUBLE STUNTS it doesn't matter about age all matters who is good in movie younger or middle it doesn't matter all matters is good cast young old middle age. if they keep hiring young people sometimes they ruin the movie sadly. but Jackie Chan won't let you down in this movie he is series guy you don't want to mess with he may look old but he would kick your ass. the story is pretty simple Quan Ngoc Minh (Jackie Chan) A humble businessman is father who was a special forces Marine back in China and has a daughter who wanted to go to shop buy a dress but then someone puts the bomb his daughter died in explosion she wasn't much in movie he seeks for justice and vengeance of her daughter death. Liam Hennessy (Pierce Brosnan) works for government he request money for people names for people who set bomb, but Agency did not accept his money so Quan went on his own way but their were moments were the another characters were showing it but then the scenes just

them talking just slow's action down sadly. because you have Pierce Brosnan in movie just hiding talking just talking in movie now his character is OK but not best in movie for his role but he is their to take a paycheck. just don't think of it's full on action like john wick all that. but their were action like Jackie Chan Set traps deadly traps and painful even if you see it, it would bee so much pain Jackie made a hole at woods at ground small hole 1 guy steps on trap it has nails imagine stepping into that trap painful. but yeah their is fight scenes in movie made it fun in movie very interesting action scenes very fun i enjoy it i thought his character was very good he gets very series in this movie i like it that way but i want to see more movies like this it shows how Jackie Chan Really Act in strong performance it's not silly Jackie Chan movie like what you think it is but in this kinda movie for him he acts series i like good choices of Jackie Chan and Pierce Bronson together in movie is good but they don't do much in movie. it's just them 2 on their own but Jackie Chan is more in movie then anybody witch is great because it's Jackie Chan movie you have another good fight scenes where he fights with guy on woods with his weapon that was cool but rest of it turned out to be drama flick but the movie needs to be more of action movie i wish it could of done better movie with less drama more of action and thrilling like John Wick and many another movies it goes for 1h 54min it's good but end of day you make a choice if you love or like movie but theirs noting to hate about this movie that's my opinion if you want to see it at theater OK your choice if your die hard fan of Jackie Chan yeah but this is his series strong performance in movie i thought it was good but needs to be better more action full on it's not drama movie like Siege people say why does this movie needs to be full on action it's because the trailer and actor they got is action movie ??? right it's not drama or terrorist thrilling movie. the trailer had full on action just full on action but then movie turns out to be little slow bit of too much talking in movie is turning out to be drama. if you going to make a action movie more of action more of action not because he is too old come on Sylvester Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, Lundgren KICKS ASS STILL and every another action stars come on. movie in my opinion 6.10 it's good To Have Jackie Chan in series movie but the movie needs more of Effort a lot more they put a lot more Effort on Jackie Chan and his acting is series like you don't want to mess with this Old Asian Guy but Action needs more Effort.
Jackie Chan and another masterclass action providing thriller.....
I have always been a superstitious fan of jackie chan...a kind of blind one i think...from the early age of my watching movie time i was thrilled by those action packed movies of him.and yet again he proved me right this time.This movie contains jackie chan..it is enough for me to say it a good film...but when i saw this i found besides him many crucial parts of it had to be watched and to be thinked for...the plot,the twists and turnes ...the music...all this adds to the flavour...I realized jackie is a small part of this fabulous movie....May be 30-40%...in maths..

This movie offers many aspects of sudden and chronic mind blowing thoughts and ideas..so thrilling...so executive and the movie build up is so progressive that it pulls u into it. As the movie starts with a simple londonian buisenessman, accelerates with the death of his beloved daughter,rides with the truth revealing actions full of terrorism, buried past and a British government official. The movie gently will be blended with u...will generate a storm in ur brain....will particularly play with ur thoughts and at the end will toy ur perceptions.

The movie moves on dynamically towards a thrilling climax...touchy one as well..acting is u know will be always excellent with jackie chan...but others also have done well including pierce brosnan.... Good to see him in a very good form after a time i can say...the actions are also eye soothing....u can not ignore those when jackie is around ...can u ??????

such movie should not be missed.....never say no to this one....never.......
Exceeded Expectations
I expected the movie to be a standard action movie with a weak plot. This movie surprised me on several levels. First the plot was above average for an action movie. Second, Jackie Chan turned in a subdued and very good character portrayal. Third,the movie was not the typical martial arts laden Jackie Chan performance. There were martial art scenes but they were not over done as in prior Chan movies. Supporting cast led by Pierce Brosnan were also very good. In summary, if your a fan of the action genre you will not be disappointed.
A Masterpiece!!
Probably the best movie I have seen all year. I rarely see a movie as engrossing and entertaining as a good book and Pierce Brosnan, Jackie Chan and indeed all the players give 150%. Well crafted and directed with many points to discuss well after the movie event. I hope some awards are won.
Best action movie with deep emotion and complex politics !
When i saw this movie release in theater, i cant wait to watch this movie and i'm not disappointed at all. The movie starts with good background story, i can see the bonding between father and daughter, loving each other who are living in London, England. Then the tragic bombing happened, unfortunately Chan daughter was nearby and killed by that tragedy. Someone claim that was their deeds, and it is a terrorist attack. I feel really sad and sorry with Chan, i can see he is really suffered because of his loss. I'm so impressed with Chan acting in this movie, it seems he really does his role so deep and emotional. I can see Chan character who is broken, suffering, mysterious, have a dark past and loss his patience with the investigation which take a long time, because it involve some political issues with Ireland, who is in peace agreement with England. I think this is one of the best Chan acting performa in his entire career.

And one more who is really take this movie to be one of the best in 2017 is Pierce Brosnan. He acts as Liam Hennesy, someone who is an official government. The story then become more complex and slowly reveal the connection between Hennesy and the terrorist. At one point, i really love this movie because it not only pure action movie, but it gives you many political issues and problems. When it involve politics, everything becomes complicated.

At another point, this movie has a good story with deep emotional background story, and you can feel symphatic easily with those two main characters. They have their own reason for what they are doing, and it feels realistic and deep. The action is amazing too ! I think everyone already know with Chan success in acting movies. We can see Chan who is really skilled and dangerous, but already old and can out of stamina easily.

At last, i think all aspect in this movie is remarkable. The action movie with deep emotional story and complex political issues makes this movie really amazing. I recommend you to watch this movie asap, even if you watch it twice, i think it will still be exciting !
The Legend is Back..
A humble businessman with a buried past seeks justice when his daughter is killed in an act of terrorism. A cat-and-mouse conflict ensues with a government official, whose past may hold clues to the killers' identities. The Foreigner was one of the many films that i was excited for and my god it doesn't disappoint and as always i don't agree with Rotten Tomatoes this is 2017's The Accountant in a way it also reminded me a bit of First Blood, Taken, Collateral Damage and even Aftermath. It's a political, drama, thriller and action film that borrows stuff from other movies but it also stays pretty realistic and Martin Campbell deserves some credit for his work. Jackie Chan gives the best performance of his entire career without a doubt he doesn't crack jokes he barely even smiles, he is serious and dangerous and his performance was very moving at times, Pierce Brosnan also gives a fantastic performance as well he is stylish and has a code of honor on his own. The rest of the cast which is surrounded by some not so famous people also does a decent job with their parts. The trailer shows that The Foreigner is a 100% Action Film but sorry to disappoint you but it isn't it mixes a lot of stuff without being overstuffed or "heavy", there's some nice twists and turns along the way that the trailers didn't spoil and some terrific hand to hand combats with Chan where he shows why he is truly a Legend. Overall this is a movie that not everyone will enjoy and trust me i heard some kids in the back saying that they would rather go and see 'The Snowman' it's slow at times and it's not your typical action movie but Jackie Chan's dramatic performance shouldn't been overlooked by critics and viewers alike and this weekend i beg you to give it a shot you might love it as i did. (A+)
Jackie Chan Nailed it Big Time - He Moves Into the Upper League
This movie is a masterpiece for Jackie Chan. In the past he used to create martial arts action movies with some drama, now he created a profound drama movie with great martial arts action. Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan feature masterful acting skills beyond their average standard. I was very impressed with Jackie Chan's emotional range in the tragedy realm and with Pierce Brosnan's Irish accent, both managing to build complex characters. Bottom line: a very different type of movie for Jackie Chan, that proves he deserves to join the upper category of complexity, acting and script level. Plus, the music is killer!
Great movie, must see, love Jackie Chan
If you love Jackie Chan you will love this movie. Had me crying the first 10 minutes. Well rounded story that gave depth to other characters as well. Also liked the character Liam, the movie does a great job of making me sympathize with him even though he was "the bad guy". Jackie's acting was so great, you could see the pain and suffering in his face. Jackie kept making me cry the entire movie.
A Fun And Entertaining Thriller. Better Than Expected
"The Foreigner" stars Jackie Chan as a Chinaman living in London whose daughter is killed in act of terrorism. His desperate search to find the terrorists who killed his daughter lead him to Hennessy (Pierce Brosnan), a politician with a shady past.

This is a very different movie from Jackie Chan and I applaud that. I was intrigued by the trailer because it looked like Jackie Chan unhinged, and it practically is. He does a really good job here in a dark, gritty, realistic thriller and it's a thriller that doesn't really venture all that far into the action territoy. He doesn't really get to show off his kung-fu prowess, but more of him getting his ass kicked and fighting in a way that's more realistic than kung-fu. I give him very high praise for that as I thought he did an excellent job portraying a more complex character than we've seen from, one who had more of a tortured past and really just lost his last remaining remnant of his life.

Pierce Brosnan gives a solid performance as well. This might actually be his best post-Bond role and you could tell he was having fun portraying a more villainous type character, someone who you liked then was unlikeable, someone who is untrustworthy and shadowy, but at times understand his viewpoint. He was a bright spot that worked really well.

Martin Campbell directs this movie, who also directed Brosnan in "GoldenEye," Brosnan's first outing as James Bond, and the underrated Mel Gibson thriller "Edge of Darkness." This movie has a lot of similarities to "Edge of Darkness" and those types of movies like "Taken," and "Death Sentence." Campbell does a really great job of staging the action and tension, and proves that he has a real knack for providing realistic thrills when he directs movies not named "Green Lantern." I like watching his work. I think he has a great camera crew, stunt team, effects teams, all of that stuff that goes into the behind the scenes making of a movie, and he shines once again here.

As unoriginal as the movie may sound, it is a bit of a fresh take on the genre. However, with that being said, the first five minutes of this movie were the exact same thing as the first 10 minutes of "Edge of Darkness." To be honest this is basically the same movie as "Edge of Darkness." Both protagonists have their daughters killed, they go searching for answers, their search leads them to to conspiracy theories and political realms. It's basically the same movie unfortunately, and while the first half of this movie sets up a really good story within that familiarity that looks like it'll set this movie apart from the pack, the second half jumps into action movie cliché territory, not always, but quite a bit, and becomes bogged down into how convoluted the plot gets. Basically these terrorists are linked to this guy who's linked to this guy who may or may not know this guy who works for this guy.... it got to be too much towards the end and the movie lost me in some parts with it's political dialogue.

The action scenes though, when they go down, they go down. They are raw, they are dirty, they are realistic. This movie is a bit more violent then I thought it would be, but I still enjoyed watching the movie and I had a fun time with it. I think it's definitely worth another watch.

I am going to give "The Foreigner" a B-.

Check out my video review of "The Foreigner" here on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUVN59I3WXo
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