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Drama, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Romance
IMDB rating:
Peter Chelsom
Gary Oldman as Nathaniel Shepherd
John-Paul Howard as Student
Scott Takeda as Dr. Gary Loh
Morse Bicknell as NASA Executive
Alma Sisneros as Mars Inhabitant
Adande 'Swoozie' Thorne as Scott Hubbard
Bernardo P. Saracino as Dream Chaser Pilot (as Bernardo P. Saracino)
Lauren Myers as Alice Meyers
Trey Tucker as Harrison Lane
Mia Stallard as Screaming Girl
Beth Bailey as NASA Chief Doctor
Carla Gugino as Kendra
Luce Rains as Idaho
William Sterchi as Debate Moderator
Asa Butterfield as Gardner Elliot
Jenny Gabrielle as Susanne
B.D. Wong as Genesis Director Chen
Storyline: In this interplanetary adventure, a space shuttle embarks on the first mission to colonize Mars, only to discover after takeoff that one of the astronauts is pregnant. Shortly after landing, she dies from complications while giving birth to the first human born on the red planet - never revealing who the father is. Thus begins the extraordinary life of Gardner Elliot - an inquisitive, highly intelligent boy who reaches the age of 16 having only met 14 people in his very unconventional upbringing. While searching for clues about his father, and the home planet he's never known, Gardner begins an online friendship with a street smart girl in Colorado named Tulsa. When he finally gets a chance to go to Earth, he's eager to experience all of the wonders he could only read about on Mars - from the most simple to the extraordinary. But once his explorations begin, scientists discover that Gardner's organs can't withstand Earth's atmosphere. Eager to find his father, Gardner escapes the team...
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A cynical take on romance
OK first of this is very scientifically inaccurate and a little silly so if you can't get over that then this movie isn't for you. However once I ignored that it was a great movie not like most romance films. Whereas romance films are usually filled with nothing but hope this was just romantic moments in a world neither of them were meant for and the constant feeling that things wouldn't work out. Great sense of humour which is as cynical as the rest of the film. It's a constant battle between hope and reality - something most romance films ignore.
What's your favourite thing about Earth?
You might ask that question for yourself while/after watching this film. This is not a great film, but surely different and enjoyable. This kind of storyline can be acceptable for the todays space ambition by the humans they have to accomplish. A couple of decades ago, it was called a fiction, still it is, but quite close to realistically possible.

So we had seen many films based on human connection with the red planet, Mars, but this one was a little different. It is romance theme, though not like east meets west. It is Mars meets Earth. The story of a boy from Mars and the girl from Earth. That's how it ends, but not that how it was initiated. It was the boy who searched for his connection with the Earth, and doing that, all the usual things happen, like some people come after him, like running and chasing.

Well made film. It was not a complicated screenplay, but the twist was unexpected at the end yet I did not think it was strong. Explained everything with details, as well as intentionally added some of scenes to cover up later parts when the narration takes the unexpected route. Best cast for sure.

Britt Robertson played the role ten years younger than her she is. But it does not matter, she still looks like a teenager. And Asa Butterfield was quite good too. The only usual thing about the film was the road adventure, though it did not take the usual route. Nothing was like you have already seen them. That's where it hand upper hand. The end was good, yet I felt it softened to bring a certain type of ending than a relevant one. Because it is a PG13 film and they wanted the conclusion that satisfy their target audience. So, it is a nice film and once watchable.

If sci-fi is not your scene, you'll still enjoy this movie
I enjoyed this movie very much which fitted like a glove. It's sci-fi with an excellent original story, well told and acted. It also has drama, romance and adventure in it. What more do you want for 2 hours of solid entertainment? It may appeal more to teenagers but adults will like it just as much. Don't worry if you dislike sci-fi; the drama and adventure alone will satisfy your taste.

The story is not far fetched and very plausible, but we have to wait a few more years to experience this in the real world. The only obvious flaw which stood out like a sore thumb was a missing communications time-gap between Mars and Earth. But I presume this was done to keep the story flowing.

Nowadays I find real good movies far in between, but this is a fine gem that gets an easy 7 out of 10 in my books.
Sci-fi, reality and love
A combination of science fiction, reality and a love story. I believe in the future this could be reality. Where other science fiction/space movies are very unreal and fiction, i think this could really happen in the near future. The love story in this movie between two young teenagers makes it more touching and real. Great story between reality, love and science fiction. A good reflection of what we can achieve in the near future.
Touching Movie
A nice movie to watch. My heart bleeds when an intelligent & inquisitive boy return into his homeland. But can't wait when his love of his life will become an astronaut too. Despite the distance and the loneliness good thing is he is with his father now. "What is your favorite thing on Earth?"

Hoping for a part 2 when Tulsa finally become an Astronaut. And made a 2nd Person born in planet Mars....
Don't waste your time
I tried to watch that movie and even tried to explain to myself how in a hell 20+ weeks pregnant woman could pass all health checks for expedition to Mars, but when they had instant video chat between Mars and Earth I gave up and turned it off. Such stupidity is unforgivable. I feel offended by that idiocy. I feel sorry for Gary Oldman, he probably needs money bad and I feel angry to story writers; guys, it should be criminal to be that ignorant even in Hollywood. This movie does not even worth a space on hard drive it occupies or torrent download time, not to mention paying anything to watch it. Don't waste your time watching this feat, go for a walk instead.
Memberships are Reality!
It didn't make any sense, I was so confused I had thought this movie was all over the place and everything was so weird, this kid seemed smart but acted so dumb when he came to earth, but the icing on the cake the thing that took me out of the movie was the fact that, these kids did not have a membership to Sam's Club. how did they get in? that makes no sense, they go get supplies but they would not be able to get into Sam's club without a membership, that's reality.
Just awful and ridiculous
Don't waste your time on this awful movie.Where do I begin, the acting is the most terrible thing in this movie, even though there are great actors/actresses involved in it. I think it's mostly due to the terrible director. There are scenes where you see things imagined in the future that don't make any sense. When I saw it I said the director must be really old and doesn't know anything about technology and all. And I was right, he's too old school to have a realistic vision of the future.

I would say that during the making the whole team was too lazy to try to perfect the scenes, this is the only explanation that I could come up with. By the way, the whole story isn't that interesting. It's like someone said to himself "what if someone was born on Mars? let's make a movie about it" I mean, how the heck did a pregnant woman get into a spaceship in the first place??!!. These are not the places where people get to make such mistakes. The crew must have gone through a thorough examination prior to their trip. Especially, right before they leave. And yeah, the boy had to be so stubborn, even though he never been in touch with other children, he only lived with old scientists. How did he get this childish attitude? genetics?

There are things that just ridiculous like transparent laptops that allow any stranger to peek into what the user is doing!! and they are huge, like why would a student carry a glass made, transparent laptop to school when you have Ultrabooks that are smaller, lighter, and give you more privacy. Just like I said, the director is too old to imagine such things, and the whole crew is too lazy to point out the issue to the director, they just want to get paid regardless of the final outcome.

I honestly couldn't go through the first hour of the movie, it's ridiculous.
So dumb, so cheesy, yet so adorable
The Space Between Us is a sci-fi teen romance about a boy who is born on Mars and comes to Earth to find his father and is accompanied by this angsty girl he chatted online with.

Don't expect a sci-fi movie. Don't expect a smart and unique sci-fi film about a person born and raised on Mars. This is just a sweet teen romance that happens to have a sci-fi backstory. The idea had potential, but that idea is completely out of focus. But you will have to embrace it. Because this is such a feel-good film. It completely ignores the logic and sense, but it was so full of innocence and cuteness, I just couldn't hate it. It's like seeing a kid doing something completely stupid, but it's adorable because it's a kid. That's how I would describe this movie. It has so many cheesy moments, sometimes I couldn't believe I was actually watching that. This movie really doesn't feel like it came out in 2017. It feels like one of those really cheesy, but really enjoyable and adorable movies from the 2000s I would watch as a kid. It might not have the brains, but it certainly has a heart. The CGI is very good (one plus about pushing this back so many times) and the acting has ups and downs. Asa Butterfield is perfect however and his young co-star is sometimes too much into it, but she's lovable. And to mention one drawback (aside from all the stupidity), it has so many unnecessary scenes just to have some "nice" moments. So many scenes scream "Wow, look how cool the future is!". But with all its flaws, it's so much fun.

I couldn't hate this film. Even though it's really, really stupid and definitely not quality, it's still a fun Sunday afternoon watch for the whole family.
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