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USA, Canada
Action, Fantasy, Horror
IMDB rating:
Björn Stein, Måns Mårlind
Stephen Rea as Dr. Jacob Lane
Jacob Blair as Officer Kolb
Robert Lawrenson as Waterfront Cop
Lee Majdoub as Desk Guard #1
Catlin Adams as Olivia
Theo James as David
Tyler McClendon as Scientist
Panou as Old City Cop #1
Kate Beckinsale as Selene
Michael Ealy as Detective Sebastian
Charles Dance as Thomas
John Innes as Medical Supervisor
Adam Greydon Reid as Med Tech #1
Storyline: Mankind discover the existence of the Vampire and Lycan species and they begin a war to annihilate the races. When Selene meets with Michael in the harbor, they are hit by a grenade and Selene passes out. Twelve years later, Selene awakes from a cryogenic sleep in the Antigen laboratory and meets the Vampire David. She learns that she had been the subject of the scientist Dr. Jacob Lane and the Vampire and Lycan species have been practically eradicated from Earth. But Selene is still connected to Michael and has visions that she believes that belongs to Michael's sight. However she has a surprise and finds that she has a powerful daughter named Eve that has been raised in the laboratory. Now Selene and David have to protect Eve against the Lycans that intend to use her to inoculate their species against silver.
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The final battle...
"Underworld: Awakening" is the fourth movie of the Underworld series and in this one we watch the battle between Vampire and Lycan clans against the humankind when humans discover the existence of them. We also watch how Selene who is the leader of them against the humans plans to win this battle and how this is going to happen.

I really liked this movie because of the plot and the storyline of it and because of the cast and their interpretation. For one more time Kate Beckinsale was outstanding, the interpretation of Theo James as David was really nice such Stephen Rea and Michael Ealy also were.

Finally I have to tell you that this movie is really unpredictable and if you have seen all the previous movies of Underworld you just have to watch this one, and I am sure that you will love it.
Great film (if you liked the first three)
Okay, for those of you still wondering what Underworld is all about... it's about a war between gun-totting fit female vampires in tight clothes and big ugly werewolves. So, if you've seen any of the first ones and liked them. Then watch this. You'll like this too.

If, on the other hand, you think that women in spandex leaping off buildings while firing twin pistols at a monster that, deep down, you know has been added post production via computer is a pretty dumb premise - steer well clear.

Luckily, I enjoyed the first three and loved this one too.

Twelve years after Selene's last battle, humans have only gone and figured out that vamps and werewolves are real and hunted every last one of them down (apart from the ones they missed). Selene's been frozen in ice and studied, but, luckily, she gets woken up by... you'll have to watch the film and see. But, anyway, she's more than a little cranky and being prodded while in ice by humans in lab coats for over a decade. Luckily for her (and us I guess) she's defrosted right next to her famous black slinky costume and quickly puts it on and goes to express her disgust with humanity by a strongly-worded blog and some scathing tweets (only joking, she grabs the nearest knife and gun and starts piling up the bodies).

Oh, and it's 3D this time. My only gripe. The 3D was even more pointless than every other 3D film that's designed purely to make you spend more money.

From reading other reviews the general consensus is 'more of the same.' And I can't add to that. It is. There's not a lot new here and some have criticised it for not adding to the overall story enough, but, what the hell, it's still fun and Kate Beckinsale is still gorgeous. They could make a film about vampires in spandex sitting there blowing their noses for ninety minutes and I'd watch it if Kate was in it. Biased. Yes, probably.

Bottom line - this film may be the forth instalment of the Underworld franchise, but it's still head, shoulders and biteable neck over the Resident *yawn* Evil films.
Underworld: Awakening
Underworld Awakening opens as Humans are hunting down vampires (they are considered "the infected") in what is considered "the great purge", also eradicating lycans it seems. It is announced that lycans have been rendered extinct and few vampire covens remain in hiding. Selene and Michael are hoping to board a ship and leave but human SWAT police keep them from doing so. Selene awakens after a bomb knocks her and Michael unconscious, inside a cryogenic chamber, someone has freed her, and she soon discovers that it is her daughter, Eve (India Eisely). Dr. Jacob Lane (Stephen Rea) is lead scientist in a corporation called Antigen, the leaders in trying to find a cure (or this is what they tell the public at large) and help to "cleanse the Earth" of infection. Ultimately, of course, Lane has sinister plans involving a lycans uprising and the downfall of the entire vampire race… In little over 78 minutes, Underworld:Awakening is an uninspired action film loaded from start to finish with CGI violence and gore. No heart or soul to speak of and the Selene character, despite the storyline establishing her as a mother trying to protect her daughter, hasn't evolved all that much since the last two movies featuring her. Michael is only in the first minutes (I don't know why this character was practically written out of the series unless the actor had previous commitments), and mentioned here and there in the dialogue, but Awakening is essentially Selene in a war with Rea (who has a son played by Holden-Ried) who has kidnapped "subject two", daughter Eve for testing which could help discover a cure that stops silver from killing lycans. This is terribly important to Rea for reasons I will not reveal. Basically you get the same kind of attack scenes seen in previous films between werewolves and vampires, Selene right in the middle. The whole movie just goes through the motions, no depth or care given to breathe life into a tired series. I hope Beckinsale decides to hang up the tight leather suit as her character is as tired as the franchise by this point. I think the first two films were fun and had their moments, but there's nothing here I think that cries out as particularly memorable. Even the usual chase scene where lycans pursue Eve, in the back of a van driven by Selene lacks conviction. Selene finds allies in a young vampire male (basically a GQ model) and a human cop (whose wife was turned by a vampire and later killed during the purge), so there's help for her, but this, for the most part, is all about her taking out every foe that crosses her. The CGI werewolves look exactly like cartoons and the vampires (including Charles Dance) lack any real personality. You can easily skip this fourth film and not miss anything.
moves too far away from the other 3 entries in the franchise
Things go wrong here in the Underworld franchise. Only Selene, and a small part for Michael, is to be seen from the original cast. It do involves vampires and lycans but i just couldn't care for Awakening.

Selene here is more an superhero than a vampire. She can do things not normal for a vampire and not be seen in the previous entries. The story itself was a bit weak too, guess the producers just wanted to earn some easy money. Selene is involved with Michael in an explosion. She wakes up twelve year later in a world were mankind wants to annihilate vampires and lycans. Once awake she sees that she's in a laboratory. She soon discovers that she has a daughter, Eve. But the lab is in fact part of lycans who want to use Eve's body to find a cure against silver bullets.

I can agree that the story had to involve but don't bringing any cast from the last 3 entries is a fault for me. Also the fact that one lycan was a big monster was a bit exaggerated. If you want to see stuff like that then move over to the Resident Evil franchise. The effects on the other hand were maybe the best so far. But we are also a few years further than Rise Of The Lycans. It is still watchable but it moved too far away from the other flicks of Underworld. It do has an open ending so within a few years part 5 will be available. Only hope it moves back to Lucian, Victor and the others.

Gore 1/5 Nudity 0,5/5 Effects 4/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5
Thanks a lot
Really thanks a lot for the makers of this movie. Couldn't imagine more to ruin the reputation of a good trilogy. I think, even these modern video games' in game videos are far better than this movie.

There was no "oh what comes next?" question in my head. Just watched meaningless fights. You were getting excited while watching the fights in former series. There is no need to talk about characters who toss cars around like toys and can't even break the wall. Selene's and the werewolves final fight was really stupid. Selene who did unbelievable things just waited in the corner of the room like a cat. The big bad wolf was just tossing Selene around.

Even if I would consider this movie as not a sequel, it still would be an under average scored one.

Maybe it would be harsh but I would consider Underworld: Awakening in the same category of Twilight Saga for being a bad vampire&werewolf movie.
Another great film in the Franchise although Michael's Absence kinda bothered me..
When human forces discover the existence of the Vampire and Lycan clans, a war to eradicate both species commences. The vampire warrior Selene leads the battle against humankind. With Blood Wars coming out on December 1st i decided to wrap up my reviews for the Underworld Franchise once and for all with Underworld: Awakening a film that i remembered very different because Underworld 4 is actually pretty good and Kate Beckinsale still rocks as Selene she even went on a rampage and killed humans on this one, there's even a scene where she visits the building where her daughter is in and they shoot her and she is just a boss. But the biggest surprise from this film was actually India Eisley as Eve her transformation was terrific and i loved that part where she fought against Stephen Rea who plays Dr. Jacob Lane who also had another great transformation as for the big werewolf i think he was alright he isn't the worst bad guy of this Franchise but he isn't the best one either the cgi was a bit off at times but for the most part there were some practical effects also which saves the film more. Sandrine Holt has officially been murdered by a Terminator, a Werewolf and Zombies. To wrap this up if you know what you're getting into you won't be disappointed and this is definitely a much better Franchise than Resident Evil in my opinion.
Elephant in the room
The plot concept is excellent, casting of Rea and Dance is inspired. However the script seems to have evolved around Speedman's exclusion, and the workarounds to disguise his absence actually draw attention to it. Unfortunately, the CGI has become intrusive in this third installment. Having watched a "making of" documentary for the second installment, in which the producers and film makers detailed the lengths they went to to minimise CGI and to maintain authenticity, the reliance on CGI is disappointing. However the CGI is poorly executed and intrusive on numerous occasions to the detriment of the story. I understand the compulsion for action sequences, but these should complement and advance the story. The character of Eve is underdeveloped and her fight scenes are absurd. The imbalance is laughable, as are the efforts to appeal to a younger audience. Theo, Theo, I guess it offered plenty of screen time... but your rebellious teen dialogue... at some point you need to move on from this cliché. Having worked the story around Speedman's absence, somehow they have decided to keep him alive and the continuation of this saga now rests on his availability for the next installment. Fingers crossed.
not bad
i thought this movie was a little closer in tone to the original, even if nowhere near that great

the fast paced action and conspiracy on top of conspiracy was a lot closer to the original than the other sequels

although not a cinematic masterpiece, I enjoyed this more than any of the other sequels/prequels

i watched this movie at home and not at the theater, so maybe the so called CGI problems were not as problematic here

not sure what people were expecting, but i thought this was a good outing in general

while not a landmark of movie 3D, i thought it did make it more atmospheric and added depth in some cases

I wish i had seen at the cinema TBH :p

recommended :-)
Another Great Installment in an Awesome Series - **Contains Spoilers**
Awakening is an action film through and through. Even though this film pretty much picks up were Underworld Evolution left off, it is distinctly its own film. After reading all of the negative reviews, I expected to be disappointed in this film, but I was pleasantly surprised, not only to find a movie that was a solid continuation of the series, but still maintained its own personality.

Selene's, the Death Dealer awakes after 12 years to find out she is now a mommy. She wields her protective motherly instinct to paint a fast action canvas with crimson excellence. The writers and directors were not afraid to take this film to the next level. The giant Lycan was a nice touch and a great twist on the Vampire's old foe.

The night scenery did a good job setting the film's mood. The special effects were top notch and like the rest of the series, the surround sound will shake your walls. Turn it up!

My only complaint is the short 88 minutes run time...this movie goes by too fast! Otherwise, great job on an excellent film. I give this film a 10, because it is what it is, a great, action, horror, fantasy flick. That is what I paid to the see, not The Godfather.
Almost a made for TV movie.... avoid.
The first three films were quite well done, lots of action and enough storyline to tie the three together.

The films were made of decent quality too, nice effects and editing.

Unfortunately this forth film definitely is sub-par to the others, I wish I could un-watch it and be happy with the first three.

Even the filming style seemed cheap and the actors just seemed like they were just getting another pay check, no real acting even by this series standard.

3 stars for a couple of the sequences, but avoid if you are looking for a decent film.
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