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Jesse Thomas
Malcolm McDowell as Evan Polus
Clay Chamberlin as Chance
Sonia Rockwell as Madison
Eddie George as Rookie
Jack Guzman as Rubisio / Officer W.G.A.S.
Jane Le as Lulu / Lele
Chris Kattan as Alejandro
Sam Lerner as Rowe
Mikey Post as Teddy
Storyline: Drew (Scott Eastwood) signs up for an acting class at the famous Star Academy in Hollywood after falling for aspiring actress Nikki. He gets more than he bargained for when he encounters an eccentric and volatile acting coach (Malcolm McDowell) and the cast of crazy characters looking for their big break in Tinsel Town. Can Drew survive the insanity of the Star Academy and win Nikki's heart?
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don't bother
I have to say there aren't too many movies out there that are so bad that you have to keep watching until the end. The plot was quite predictable, the acting was horrendous, and the cinematography was barely up to par. I was also quite disappointed that Scott Eastwood, a man of a higher caliber, would accept a role and movie so diminishing to his career.

I basically wasted an hour and a half watching this.
Avoid at all cost
No eastwood,has ever been comedic funny Clint was good at biting sarcasm.But really roll on the floor funny.Never. Neither is his son.Scott I would never though someone with the name Eastwood, could do a movie so bad,that it should be removed it from the face of the earth. You keep wondering how they got anyone on board with this turkey. Malcolm McDowell,Scott Eastwood.I mean these are BIG names.Why would they wanna do a stinker like this. There was a few chuckles in the beginning,but after that,it was all down hill
Where is the Laughter?
So a guy who has failed the bar exam twice is working in a call centre who happens on a girl who has just been groped and then is harassed by the police should sound like the beginnings a of a set of chain of events that would have you rolling on the floor with laughter! Well I'm still wondering why this movie was made as it is so bad and I didn't laugh once. The story line feels like many of it's sketches were pulled from other movies of the 80's (Police Academy to name one) but failed to deliver any punches.

Having seen Scott Eastwood in a few other films I had hoped this would be a good addition to his repertoire but alas, it feels like it was a job only for the money. Let's hope he was paid decent for this lack luster attempt at film making.
Oh my God...
...this sucked. And, I really like these actors. They tried their best with goofy material that rarely hits the mark. I give it 3 stars for taking aim at political correctness in spots, but it's not enough. The script's silliness brings groans where they wanted solid laughs. I wouldn't mind seeing the same cast with better material.
Excellent Group Entertainment
Walk of Fame is exactly what you think it is…raunchy and satirical entertainment! This film is filled to the brim with obnoxious, eye-brow raising humor that brings-to-mind both the American Pie and Scary Movie series. The plot centers around call-center employee Drew (Scott Eastwood) who has dreams of being a lawyer, or getting with Nikki (Laura Ashley Samuels), a flight attendant with actress ambitions. Fortunately, an opportunity for the latter presents itself through Star Maker Academy: an (maybe less then) elite acting school taught by both the passionate and egotistical Evan Polus (Malcom McDowell), and his flamboyant assistant Alejandro (Chris Kattan). Behind these acting heavyweights, Walk of Fame excels through the obnoxious interactions of Drew as he attempts to win over an out-of-his-league Nikki. This film is light and simple fun which is perfect for any group setting.
Jesse Thomas's Backstage Look at Hollywood Life Brings Lighthearted Fun & Laughs
Our society has an obsession with celebrity and we are often fixated on every aspect of our favorite stars. From this, we have become quite familiar with this glorified version of Hollywood. However, things are switched up in Walk of Fame, which takes a lively crack at depicting how the other half struggles to make it in Jesse Thomas's vision of the more heinous side to Tinseltown. An oddball group of eccentric actors is introduced when Drew (Scott Eastwood) winds up following a love interest to her acting school in order to impress her. Each of the actors Drew encounters each have some strange quality that sets them widely apart from the average joe, especially when compared to Drew's everyday normalness. As Drew tries to navigate this strange world, hilarity ensues. By employing farcical humor, Jesse Thomas touches on a variety of subjects and stereotypes that are executed in perfect lighthearted fashion. Where you expect to have to rely on Eastwood for landing zingy one-liners and supplying witty humor, many of the supporting actors step up to the plate to help carry the film. Drew's best friend, Nate, as well as Rowe, one of the members of the acting class, especially impressed me. Other big names like Malcolm McDowell and Kris Kattan must also be acknowledged for their compelling performances despite having smaller roles. This all comes together via backstage fashion to help attribute a loony reality to the Hollywood sphere. Through this, Walk of Fame saves itself from falling trap to running the course of another conventional yet forgettable rom-com. Instead it manages to deliver a product that is both different and low key hilarious as long as you don't take it, nor yourself, too seriously.
Excellent humor!
Walk of Fame is a fun indie comedy that follows young Drew (Scott Eastwood), through his experiences in a reluctant group of misfit actors. When Drew comes across former flight attendant Nikki (Laura Samuels), he follows her to her acting academy in hopes to win her over. Drew's journey however becomes much more than he anticipated with his added involvement in the acting academy. The acting professors, performed by renowned Malcolm McDowell, and Chris Kattan, added their own comedic flavor that I felt were both eccentric and unique. I also appreciated Jesse Thomas's involvement as the writer, director, as well as his role as Hansel; Drew's mysterious hippie roommate. I felt Hansel's character offered brief takes of physical humor, in a playful, yet mysterious manner. Overall the film left me feeling gleeful, from a fun and entertaining experience. If you're into movies like "Zoolander", or "American Pie", full of explicit, and adult humor, then you are in for a good laugh.
Walk of Shame: Hollywood Amateur Hour
The liberal film community of Hollywood prides itself on identity politics, taking a strong stand for the downtrodden and disenfranchised in our society. Yet the film "Walk of Fame" plays out like a string of jokes aimed against the gay, lesbian, dwarf, and the obese, going against the grain of the liberal Hollywood "message." Is this supposed to be good fun at the expense of those who are marginalized in today's world?

The flimsy plot concerned a law school grad unable to pass the bar or hold a job, who joins a studio for amateur actors run by a charlatan. The young man named Drew is not interested in acting, but is attracted to a young woman who is a student in the acting school.

Malcolm McDowell plays the phony acting guru, who exploits the acting students for profit. His main teaching method is to challenge the students to "discover the beast" within them that will allow them to express emotional outbursts on stage.

The film takes the form of "putting on a play," as the amateur actors will showcase their talents for star-searching agents and talent scouts. The final performance wasn't funny or well-acted.

This film was written and directed by Jesse Thomas, who also plays the role of Drew's "new age" roommate named Hansel. It was never made clear how Hansel suddenly inserts himself into the actors' showcase, playing the role of the hero! He never pays the fee to take acting classes, nor does he rehearse for the production. He merely shows up and upstages the other actors.

Overall, this was a lackluster comedy produced by amateur actors. There may be an occasional one-liner that is humorous, but the film as a whole does not hold together. Rather, it resembles a high school skit or frat house party extravaganza.
Guy meets girl, girl hates guy, and guy finds a new girl.
At the beginning of the movie, a young man, Scott Eastwood, is seen behind a shabby office desk taking calls from unsatisfied customers. After work, on a sunny afternoon he and his friend see a pretty blonde being assaulted by a creepy macho wrestler looking man. After this moment, the movie starts to fly out of control like a plane about to make an unexpected crash into an uncharted region. Then, just when you thought there would not be another cuss word, the crippled dwarf tells anyone around him to go f**k themselves. After that point, the terrible acting does not get any better and the crude and sexual remarks made by the other cast members only get worse. All in all, the movie had a happy ending but a terrible, terrible start.
This film tells the story of a handsome young man, who joins an acting class in order to be close to a beautiful female stranger. He encounters any strange events, but makes a bunch of friends along the way.

The story of "Walk of Fame" is really horrendous. It contains a parade of incredibly clichéd characters. Every major ethnic group is represented, and it also includes people of shorter stature, gays and lesbians. It is good to have a diverse cast, but in this film the cast is so forcefully put together that it looks more like a circus show. The story is basically a constant stream of either people being really nasty to each other, or acting really strange. The jokes with endless sexual innuendos are funny the first time, but really tiring after the tenth time. I do wonder why Scott Eastwood is involved with this horrendous project. His character rolls his eyes many times in the film, when unbelievable things happen. I can say that Eastwood's facial expression is actually genuine, because I can't believe what a train wreck I am watching on the screen.
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