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Storyline: What the Health is a ground breaking feature length documentary from the award-winning filmmakers of Cowspiracy, that follows the exciting journey of intrepid filmmaker, Kip Andersen, as he uncovers the impacts of highly processed industrial animal foods on our personal health and greater community, and explores why leading health organizations continue to promote the industry despite countless medical studies and research showing deleterious effects of these products on our health.
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One of the most important documentaries of our times
A very impactful and revealing documentary exploring the collusion between food industries, big pharma, and so-called health organizations and why these organizations do not give us all the information available on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Not a message that many of us want to hear, but an extremely helpful and revealing one. This film needs to be seen by everyone who is personally dealing with, or close to someone with chronic health problems (ie pretty much everyone in most western countries).
Eye opener and unbiased
While there will always be naysayers and opponents. In this era of alternative facts, Kip Anderson makes an attempt to demystify our wrong food habits that immensely impact our health. Watch it with an open mind and without any biases. Take back your own lessons and understanding and choose a healthier lifestyle if the facts appeal to you
We need more films like this to expose the corruption in out society.
Everyone should watch this. I want this shown in schools along with "Cowspiracy", "Earthlings", and "Forks Over Knives". One of the things I like about this film is it shows you the steps they took to get their information. Anyone with a phone can do the exact same thing and get the same results. In an era of proud heightened anti-intellectualism (in the USA at least) I'm glad there are still people trying to open peoples eyes and minds.
Science Believer or Denier
It's pretty simple. This film is the most significant presentation of accurate science in nutrition and health, and the shocking collusion and control of our food system, and the presentation of false health information by the food industry and our own government. Either you look at this powerful film with eyes open, or you stay asleep in a state of denial. Astounding that so many people are both in denial and even paid by these denial forces to write the most absurd negative reviews about this amazing film. The power of denial is never to be underestimated!
Its Time This Info Came Out
This movie gave people very clear and medically validated information as to how greed and ignorance has brought our country where we r today. If people don't want to realize how disastrous our diets here in the western world r, we r doomed to fail from our health care crisis that we created. Especially in the USA. Our dietary beliefs and traditions r strong from childhood teachings. But we know now that these teachings r wrong, and they r making us very ill. Even our children r sick with obesity, and all the diseases that causes. The Meat, Egg, and Dairy industry spend millions of dollars to keep these lies from being found out, and all for profit(not to mention the pharmaceutical industry)! These products r produced in most horrific ways with the most horrific ingredients added (hormones, steroids, antibiotics, etc...) which r causing chaos with our bodies. To say these problems are of epidemic portions is by no means and overstatement. This movie spells it all out for the viewer. The Doctor's in this film have seen and done studies and have found this all to be true. There r actual testimonials from people who made changes as a last ditch effort and found wellness and now want to tell the world. Some of these folks r celebrities. Saying the "v" word may not be popular but is is saving lives and this movie clearly shows the viewer why. Great movie! I want my whole family to see this, to look behind the curtain for the truth.
Excellent movie that triggers a lot of meat eaters in denial
This movie is excellent and is backed by science and nutrition. You can go their website to read all the studies sourced.

Despite this, meat eaters who are in denial and are unwilling to swallow the red pill get triggered and leave poor reviews.

FACT: Diabetes is NOT caused by sugar. It is caused by the build up of fat in our muscle cells (intramyocellular lipids). So fats are more dangerous than sugar.

Also, this documentary does NOT promote the consumption of refined carbohydrates like many idiots claim.
"Disgustingly Embarrassing" - And Amazing
They did it again!

The previous film "cowspiracy" from the same creators that went on to be co-produced by Leonardo Dicaprio was the "eye opener"

This film takes us even deeper into the truth of animal agriculture with a specific focus on the ways our health industries, governments, and agricultural organizations WORK TOGETHER to maximize financial profits.

It's plain and simple..... Our world's leading scientists and our world's biggest health organizations ARE "DISGUSTINGLY EMBARRASSING".

The global corruption in the "health industry" is vial and if I wasn't optimistic about the future I'd probably end my life because of the pure disappointment I have for my own species.


So..... Every company on the planet depends on customers to "make profits" and to generate a financial income..... We all know this. BUT..... WHEN DID IT BECOME OK TO GENERATE DISEASE FOR PROFIT?

It's "one thing" to be profiting from "ACTUALLY HEALING" people. It's "another thing" to be profiting from deliberate "VIOLENT DECEPTION"


WELL..... Weight gain and the leading causes of death all appear to be quite simple (thanks to the way the movie excellently explains it) its all about the COMBINATION OF FAT AND SUGAR. AND NO..... I DIDN'T SAY FAT..... AND I DIDN'T SAY SUGAR.


Dietary fat especially saturated fat found in ANIMAL PRODUCTS prevents the body's insulin response. (insulin is supposed to regulate blood sugar)

AS I said before... It's plain and simple.

Why has it taken us so long to figure this out? SIMPLE. Because our leading health organizations are deceiving EVERYONE.

The blame is all on SUGAR, WHEN IT SHOULD "ALL" BE ON FAT!!!!!

Imagine this: You go to a doctor to test for diabetes or simply just to have a blood test. They tell you "your blood sugar levels are too high" so you need to cut down on "sugar" and you also need to start taking medication ETC. for the pain you are in because of the inflammation etc. that the "high blood sugar" is causing you.

So JUST ONE "disgusting embarrassment" is the fact that doctors ARE NEVER TAUGHT IN MEDICAL SCHOOL that fat CAUSES "insulin resistance" so the ACTUAL cause of your high blood sugar was not the sugar you were eating BUT RATHER THE FAT IN YOUR EGGS, CHEESE AND MEATS ETC. so you never actually get the root cause of your sickness.

So that hopefully explains how to reverse type 2 diabetes and how to prevent ever getting it! ..... Cut out animal products and follow a plant based lifestyle that inherently provides far far less saturated fats, and this leads to the carbs/sugars in your diet being easily managed by insulin.

Then onto the cancer. Yes ANOTHER "DISGUSTINGLY EMBARRASSING" GLOBAL FAIL. Animal protein and obesity are most certainly contributing to cancer rates and YET the leading cancer organizations ACTUALLY promote these "protein overloaded fatty death foods" on their websites and when asked "why" they wont give you an honest answer(watch the film). (we all know why, its because they need to make the population sick in order to maximize profits)

On to the heart disease.... Another "disgustingly embarrassing" BUSINESS for the awful medical doctors the establishment brainwashes us to place so highly in our societies. Saturated fat hardens and narrows the arteries and leads to heart attacks. Seriously, this doesn't need much explaining. Our veins are very thin and the sticky slimy fat found concentrated in animal products is clogging us all up..... Most doctors have never been taught the valuable information to allow us to heal because they are industry puppets who just repeat the rubbish they read in their text books in university, So they must not be blamed for their ignorance. (This is now a global truth movement and we must show our respect for so called "professionals" who have been deceived by our educational systems)

Don't take my views as facts..... Watch the film and see for yourselves. And, Prepare to be very very very frustrated with your governments regardless of what country you are from, because, the truth is that they all know that they are poisoning us for profits.

In short. Anything that can be sold..... WILL BE..... and HEALTH is increasingly expensive these days..... THANKS TO THE ORGANISATIONS WE THOUGHT WE COULD TRUST!

It is urgent that you watch and share this film.
You'll understand how to step out from illness and suffering
This film is what the world needs to know. All the information shared here is a result of deep research and years of following up corporations and associations who are supposed to be taking care of us but are using us to make money and have more power. It all seems like a fairy tale story and away from reality... but as soon as you start seeing it... a part of you will be so glad and thankful that someone actually took time and a part of their life to make it.

They say what only few people have the courage to say... If you disagree with something you see here, maybe you want to analyze yourself and see where you're standing at and what your north in life is...

No wastes, all made perfect. Thanks guys for such an amazing job. All the love and respect for your amazing courage and devotion to free our collective mind and support life and real evolution. Sorry my English! Next time I'll write in Spanish. cheers!
Best Documentary about Health this year!
I began eating a plant-based diet in 2013 and have never felt better in my life. I am 71 but feel as if I am 21. This movie tells the truth about what happens when folks change from a Standard American Diet to a plant- based one. The focus on the American Cancer Society, The American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association tells it like it is - that they are acting just as the tobacco lobby was when they said there was nothing wrong with smoking. Well, there IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH MEAT AND DAIRY PRODUCTS. We have a local healthy eating club with 450+ dues paying members who are also learning that by eating plant-based we can live without medications, with energy and without most pain into old age. Most medical doctors still eat meat and dairy...just as they continued to smoke cigarettes after research said smoking causes cancer. This movie was shown recently to 95 retired folks and not one walked out! They also raved about how well the information was presented! The companion book of the same title is equally excellent!
totally biased and not backed by sound science
As a fellow conscious consumer who finds our current food system to be inhumane, unhealthy, and terrible for the environment, I found this film completely lacking any legitimacy. The film makers do a great job at sticking to interviews from pretty much ONLY vegans, making outlandish claims against meat and animal products that have no sound science behind them, and taking advantage of people's emotions in order to sway them a certain way (in this case towards veganism).

As a proponent of informed and healthy decisions, I find this film to be an abomination of the progress we've done in scientific community to bust common myths and provide consumers with up-to-date UNBIASED research. The hard stance against meat instead of the hugest proponent of the obesity and diabetes epidemic (SUGAR) is appalling.

I'm all about art pieces and sharing one's opinions, but to propel your own dogmatic views about animals and food as fact when it is clearly not backed with sound science is disgusting. There are millions suffering with diseases that have correlated specifically to the increase in sugar and processed food consumption.

Next time you make a film that has such outdated, biased, and unsound research behind it, don't promote it as a 'health' film. You're potentially killing people.
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